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February 18, 2010

Dawgs Face Baptist Bears Tomorrow

The 2010 Georgia baseball season gets underway tomorrow in Waco, Texas when your Diamond Dawgs confront the angry baseball bears of Baylor.  Justin Grimm will be on the bump.  Walters will go Saturday against Duke and Palazzone and Hawkins will pitch a Sunday doubleheader against those same two teams.  As we've discussed, this year's team looks like it will be heavy on pitching and defense, but light on dingers.

Tomorrow's starting lineup could have four freshmen: C Brett DeLoach, 2B Todd Hankins, SS Kyle Farmer, and the DH Kevin Ruiz or Zach Taylor.  Taylor, Cone, and Verdin will be in the outfield.  Chase Davidson will play first and May will be at third.  That'll be one of the youngest opening day lineups in Georgia history with four freshmen and five sophomores.  Levi Hyams is likely to return to second after our first six games.  I'll bet the infield starters are very fluid all week and we might see a different combination every game.

This year's team starts off at #22 in the preseason Baseball America poll and was picked to finish third in the East by the SEC coaches.  Baseball America also has us as a two seed in the Tech regional in their projections for the field of 64, so take that to the bank.



Russ for UGA VIII in '010 said...

Good luck with Baylor

Paul Westerdawg said...

Danny Hall is openly telling folks he can win it all this year?

By "all" I assume he didn't mean the state championship.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Or Super Regional

Paul Westerdawg said...

Or College World Series.

JJH4 said...

Tech will be Tech. Really good when it doesn't matter.

Cone and Taylor have got to be good players if we want to be playing in June.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Mr. Perno has learned how to coach this year and make the correct decisions

Andy said...

I'm not going to Waco, but I'm firing-up the grill with hot dawgs and GXtra. PING!!

Hank Jr, I'm ready for some baseball.

JJH4 said...

Well, Perno might not be the best when it comes to strategy and in game moves but the guy has been a part of 5 college world series teams and was the head coach for 3 of them. He's a winner and you can't see he can't coach.

PTC DAWG said...

I wish they used wood bats..

Andy said...

That bottom of the ninth was somewhat scary. Let's get after it again tomorrow against those Blue Devils. Go Dawgs!

Anonymous said...

Dawgs win 7-5. McRee shakey in the 9th but leaves bases loaded.

Clinton said...

Trey Thompkins is a super Olympian God among men...just saying.

Go Dawgs!

Andy said...


I agree! First, there was Herschel; then, there was Trey.

Howard is becoming the next Munson. Just saying, but damn, Scott's got it going on.

Go Dawgs (and go to Hell Duke)!

Anonymous said...


What has happened to this blog? It used to be the best Dawg blog in the universe, and now I find myself barely coming by anymore except to use the blog roll. On the off chance that something new is actually posted, I usually read it, but that is rare these days. I wish you would bring back the blog.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 11:10,

I've been doing quite a bit of travel for work combined with a lot of courting.

Something had to give and I'm happy with where things are.
Blog activity will pick back up at some point.
Thanks for your patience.


Clinton said...


I agree...I knew Scott was the man after hearing the call he made when Knowshon leapt into the endzone at AZ St....well, I knew before then, but that call solidified it for me.

T Les is also a freak. Once he becomes a more polished player, look for even bigger things from him. And eventhough we lost, that reverse layup he made against UT, was sick...just sick.

Anon 11:10:

This is still one of the best UGA (and common sense) blogs out there, unlike David Hale (no offense, just a comparison and I don't presume to speak for you guys, just some friendly support) this blog is not their career, but an ultimate pastime of sorts and might I add, one that I am grateful for. I've been an avid fan/follower for three years and it has never been a 'daily post' blog...PWD and co, keep it up!

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