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February 26, 2010

Bobo: Last year "lit a fire in everybody"

What was missing with last season's football team more than anything else? A massive sense of urgency. That's why this comment by Bobo is so important to me:
“We’ve had change. We’ve had turnover. We struggled last year. Eight and five. But sometimes that’s good: You need to be on the fire. And I think it’s lit a fire in everybody.”
Then again, talk is cheap. When have we not heard that "this is the best off season in our history." Let's see some of that GATA on the field. Starting this spring.



todd said...

Yeah I want to see results first. A lack of sense of urgency has plagued several of our teams, not just the 2009 team. We need a return of the type of total team personality that we had from 2002-2005. Back then we had only occasional let downs. We never played one complete ball game in the entirety of the 2008 season. And in 2009 it just seemed like we were waiting for the axe to fall.

Anonymous said...

I think Coach Richt should issue an edict that nobody says anything all off-season.

Just be quiet. I am already sick of the narrative that Bobo is putting forth here.

Sounds a lot like Rennie talking about "watching film" and Van Halanger talking about this being the most close-knit, hardest working group he has ever been around.

Let's try something new. Just be quiet!

If there really is a fire lit in you, be quiet, and let that smolder all off-season. If there really is a fire there, you don't have to tell anyone. It will manifest itself in Columbia and Jacksonville.

Tommy said...

I think it's good they're uncomfortable, in the same sense that people in Gainesville and Tuscaloosa are uncomfortable.

The key is keeping the finger-pointing in the past. This is a staff that is equal parts new blood and veterans, and sometimes that kind of situation lends itself to cliquishness. It's not a big concern of mine, but it is something that has brought down other programs, i.e., Tuberville at Auburn. You could say the same for the Donnan years, although that was mostly a function of Ramsey being truly inept and thus being rightfully fragged.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 8:38,

If you don't participate in the narrative, it is created without you.

That would not be good.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what was it last year? Something like, we relied too much on Stafford and Moreno, and we'll be better this year without them because now we're more of a team, right?

How'd that go?

You know what would be unusual? If a coach came out at this stage of the offseason and said, you know, we just don't have the same fire this year. I'm a little worried.

Inasmuch as that will never happen, Bobo's comments are less than meaningless.

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