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February 21, 2010

Momentum for Hoops?

With Georgia's victory over Alabama, the team has now won 3 of the past 5 games in SEC play, and it has four overall SEC wins. This is the closest thing to in conference momentum on the win-loss ledger that we've seen the faux progress post-tornado at the SEC Tourney in 2008.

The regular season SEC win totals for Coach Felton's final few seasons were:
    2009 = 3-13 (two by Coach Hermann post DF termination)
    2008 4-12
    2007 8-8
    2006 5-11
    2005 2-14 (how we ever won two is a miracle)
    2004 7-9
With four games remaining, Mark Fox has a realistic shot at posting 5 or 6 regular season conference wins for the first time since 2007. Six wins would mean that we posted a better record in Year 1 than we did in four of Felton's six seasons. If you're looking for progress, there you go.

Also, a win at Vanderbilt (which is highly unlikely given how well they are playing and what a house of horrors that is for us) would be our first back to back SEC wins since 2007.

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Mr. Sanchez said...

I'd like two things, a winning streak and a road win. Do that at some point, and I'll feel a little better. For now, this win one, lose one, win at home with a energetic crowd and lose on the road when we held a lead and make bonehead mistakes to lose, is just frustrating.

I'm anxiously awaiting next year, when maybe, just maybe we can finish better than the bottom 2 of the east for the first time since what feels like forever (but is really just prior to our previous coach).

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