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March 17, 2010

Basketball Schedule Rumors

Looks like UGA is looking for as many as two more BCS caliber home games and two more BCS caliber road games for the upcoming 2010-2011 season. This is according to a message board post by our director of football operation on Basketball Travelers, a site where coaches and assistant athletic directors can exchange scheduling opportunities with each other.
"We are looking for H & H series for 2010-2011 with BCS schools. Looking for 2 @ home and 2 on the road."
The site is one of several type sites for arranging b-ball rendezvous.

The basketball schedule as of now for 2010-2011 includes:
    Old Spice Classic (3 Games) - Participants include BC, Cal, Notre Dame, Temple, Wisconsin, Texas A&M, UGA, and Manhattan.

    Hawaii (tentative)

    Georgia Tech
    Saint Louis
If you add four more BCS-level games to the mix, that would really look impressive. While we're asking for 4 games (2 home and 2 away), I'd wager that we'd settle for three (2 home and 1 away). I'm also guessing...and it's just a guess...that we wouldn't go back to Gwinnett next season IF we could land the other games being asked for.

That's the schedule for a team that doesn't just want to make the NCAA Tourney. It's the schedule for a team that wants a great seed. If Trey bails on us, I'd expect to see that schedule soften up.

Then again...all BCS teams aren't created equal. If we ended up with Nebraska, DePaul, Penn State and Iowa as the four teams, it wouldn't exactly terrify anyone.


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JackSpratDawg said...

Personally I would rather we regularly schedule home & home matchups with the likes of UNC, Duke, Kansas, etc early in the season. Would probably guarantee an early season sellout of Stegman, raise visibility of program etc. Schedule it to coincide with the end of exams to give students hanging around something to look forward to...

Anonymous said...

Excellent work PWD. You and Memphisdog will probably have the whole schedule figured out by May.

Paul Westerdawg said...


Do you think UK could land a home and home with Ohio State and texas in football? No.

That's what we are up against in football with UNC and Kansas. It isn't impossible. But it sure aint easy.

<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...

Personally, I would love to see the likes of Duke or Carolina come to Athens. It isnt impossible to get the big guys in here, look at how Bruce Pearl got Tennessee to the level he has them at right now. (3 straight NCAA tourneys)

He got Kansas and Texas in there to the "Boling" Alley, and that got him on the map.

Coach Fox could get some of the big guys in the Steg. Call Louisville, or Arizona, maybe get Indiana into Athens.

I know I would REALLY love to see some of this happen. Playin Clemson at home on the years the dawgs play the nerds in Atlanta, and then @ Clemson when the techies come to the classic city, that wouldnt be a bad idea EVERY year.

Either way, im gonna be watching some live dawgs hoops for years to come. Go Dawgs

JackSpratDawg said...

Throw enough $$$ (and we have plenty) at them and they will come. Sure we would likely get our brains beat out, but like the saying goes, bad publicity is better than none at all, which is what our early season bball schedule currently gets...

Kyle said...

Did anyone else see the first entry on the link? Xavier university is a "bi-curious team seeking a discreet home and home encounter." The guy who wrote that is awesome.

Ryno said...

PWD - I understand the draw of getting a big level BCS team into Stegman, but from an RPI and strength of schedule standpoint, doesn't it make sense to go after more attainable games against opponents in the A-10 or Mizzou Valley Conference?

Richmond, Xavier, Butler, N.Iowa - all great teams that would boost Georgia's tournament resume if they scored victories over those teams.

Am I off base?

Mr. Sanchez said...

With Fox's relationship with Roy Williams Paul, that NC matchup is much more realistic than you let on. I'd honestly expect such a thing within the next year or two, if not home and home then maybe a Charlotte/Gwinnett neutral site series.

todd said...

There has already been one AJC article with a quote from Fox pointing out his relationship with Williams and how it lead to a series with UNC while he was at Nevada. So I think that's going to happen sooner or later. Why not? We had one with the Heels in the late 90's.

There have been rumblings of a series with FSU for 10 years now though its never happened. We used to be extremely good about using the Kuppenheimer to do series with Kansas, UCLA, Pitt, Texas, etc. in Atlanta. We've played Texas numerous times in Athens already as well as Pitt when they were #2.

The Villanova series from the Harrick years was a good one. As was our long relationship with Colorado.

So there are lots of opportunities to get some good BCS schools on the schedule or some matchups with some strong mid majors like the A-10.

With the Stegeman renovation being completed by next season, it will be time to show further proof that we are serious about basketball.

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