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March 16, 2010

Great News for UGA Hoops

Paul Hewitt's glorious 5 year 7 million perpetual rollover deal picked
up another season.

This means the Wizard of Techwood will remain on North Ave. Where
he'll continue to underachieve.

Great day for UGA hoops. Eventually Tech will hire an elite coach who
will unlock the true potential of that program.

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Anonymous said...

This can only mean the Nerds will be one and done in the tournament.

S.A.W.B. said...

It IS a great day for UGA! Coach Courvosier rolled over for another season! Despite what the nerds would lead you to believe, this was a bad year for the ACC overall, and the best that CPH could do with a roster teeming with 'Burger Boys' was seventh? One hundred cocktails to Dave Braine for signing off on this contract to begin with!

all school said...


that contract is the gift that keeps on giving.

Smoove bleeds them dry of cash. He cant figure out what to do with the talent he brings in. Finally, he's under .500 against us, and that is during a largely difficult stretch of UGA basketball (even by UGA basketball standards, which are admittedly not high...yet.)

Next year, say goodbye to several GTU players, including, most likely, Favors. And the bleeding slowly continues....

GTU Basketball: It's the Death of 1,000 Paper Cuts!

all school said...

and today, Coach Corvoisier is whining about how anyone who says the only reason Tech hasn't fired him is the cost of the rollover is being dishonest.

Sure, thing, coach. The people at Tech loooooooooooooooooooooove you, and want you to stay forever.

Tell you what, Smooove: test that theory by offering to waive your buyout if they want to fire you, and see how long it is before they deposit your wizardly self out on the sidewalk in front of the world's largest McDonald's drive thru.

todd said...

The question becomes, do we take advantage of this in recruiting? Kids don't think as we do. We lost some recruits because we fired Willie Martinez. Didn't matter to them that his record as a DC was awful. They liked him. And kids like Hewitt too.

There will still be people out there telling these recruits that GT is a better basketball school than UGA. Even though we've got a winning record vs. GT over the last 15 years.

Frustrating, because there's no doubt in my mind that had Favors gone to UGA he would've been a better player this year and it might have made a difference in our season.

PTC DAWG said...

I've never been one to think that another school's so called problem is a benefit to UGA.

Hopefully, Coach Fox will one day have GT's problem. Making the Ncaa's (a final 4 once) and playuing deep into their Conference Tournament...which, by the way, is stronger than the SEC in basketball most every year.

Dawgaholic said...

PTC Dawg,

I have to disagree. Making the NCAAs is nice but is the equivalent of consistently playing in the Peach Bowl. A final four run is similar to a BCS game so I'll give them credit there.

However, UGA has won more basketball championships in the last ten years (1) than Tech. Additionally, we have the better record head to head in recent years.

With the talent in this state, if GTU stays at Peach Bowl status in basketball, it is good for us.

(Not saying that Hewitt is not better than Felton, then again can you name a BCS level b-ball coach that would not compare favorably to Felton.)

Dawgaholic said...

More simply, Hewitt is their Jim Donnan and they can't fire him.

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