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April 1, 2010

Hoops Recruiting: Another Brantley Update has an update on Sherrard Brantley's (JUCO shooting guard) official visit to Athens.

Per the article, it doesn't sound like his April 8th visit to Creighton is a done deal. If I'm a kid from Dublin, Ga., and I can get boat loads of playing time at LSU or UGA, then why would I consider going to Creighton to play in Omaha?

As for the scuttlebutt around this kid's recruitment...We heard a solid rumbling a few weeks ago that the coaching staff felt they had a JUCO shooting guard in their sights who could start for us next year. Thus, giving us the flexibility to play Robinson at PG. We've now heard that Brantley is that kid.

For all the crap that Dustin Ware gets on the message boards, he's a stable point guard for the type of system Fox runs. If we've got a personnel grouping that is strong enough to send Ware to back-up status, color me impressed.

As I stated last week, Brantley made 105 three point field goals in 31 regular season games for his JUCO team while shooting 43% from beyond the arc. As a point of comparison, Ricky McPhee and Dustin Ware (our two most frequent makers from beyond the arc) combined to make only 108 shots from downtown in 31 games. Ricky shot at a clip of 38.4% which was best on the team among those with more than 15 attempts.

In basketball, every recruit doesn't have to be a McDonald's All-American to win. But they all have to be very good at at least one thing. This kid is a shooter. He may be a lot more, but we at least know he can shoot from outside. And, that's a massive gap in the current line-up.

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Mark said...

Wow - would love to get that kid. Fox is really building a great program. Even if Trey decides to leave, this team should still improve dramatically next year. If Trey comes back, who knows how far we can go. . . It's great to be relevant again.

Anonymous said...

Fox has really identified some hidden gems that weren't five-star all galaxy, but guys with talent. Fingers and toes crossed that we can reel in this kid and the kid out of CA.

Mr. Sanchez said...

Add this kid and Polee, and that is a complete roster my friend, with Ware, Williams and Robinson capable of working the point. Robinson, Brantley, and Anyaorah (and Leslie perhaps) take care of the 2 with Leslie, Polee (we hope), and Nolte also on the wings. Add Trey, Barnes, Price, Lalanne, and Williams on the blocks (with possibly Leslie, Polee or Nolte able to play a few minutes at the 4 defensively in a smaller lineup), and that is a solid, deep, and versatile lineup I'd be willing to take against anyone in the SEC.

Anonymous said...

I just left a comment above, but it is probably more appropriate here. Looks like Brantley is coming to UGA.

Anonymous said...

Question: Is this an upgrade defensively? I thought McPhee was a great story and loved to see him shoot the three, but he seemed like a liability on defense a lot of times. Looks like Brantley can shoot (even better than McPhee - statistically), but is he an upgrade defensively if he makes his way into the lineup?

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