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April 1, 2010

Fox Still Targeting UNC series

Coach Fox last year was notoriously tight lipped about things in and around the program. Particularly when it came to scheduling. That's why it's so curious to me that he's openly discussing the possibility of playing UNC in some sort of home and home series starting next year. Maybe it's because it's recruiting season.

I know Roy Williams was going to throw former UNC alum Jeff Lebo a bone and come to Auburn to open the 2010-2011 season and the Tigers' new arena. I would assume that series is off with Lebo's termination. Maybe that's why the interest from the Tarheels? That and everyone wants more exposure in front of Georgia high school basketball players.

Getting the Heels in Athens next year with a newly renovated arena and *on paper* our best team in 6-7 years would be pretty exciting.

Marc Weiszer's article also indirectly confirms that there won't be a game at Gwinnett this year. That's not a shocker given the attendance in last year's game against Illinois.

Basketball Schedule 2010-2011:
    Hawaii (rumored)

    3 big games at the Old Spice Classic

    Georgia Tech
    Saint Louis
As we reported a few weeks ago, Georgia is looking for as many as 2 more home and 2 more away BCS caliber opponents for next season.



Anonymous said...

IMHO, this blog is spending way too much time on basketball. Let's don't forget that we are supposed to be a football school, and it's very unlikely that we'll ever be a basketball contender.

FYI, football spring practice is underway. Although the football team was highly disappointing over the past couple of years, it certainly warrants more discussion than basketball.

NCT said...

How does one become a former alum?

JackSpratDawg said...

Lots o' TarHeel fans in the ATL. Sure sellout for Stegman early in the season. Probable prime time TV game. Whats to lose?

Anonymous said...

I've heard from a fairly reputable source that Brantley has committed to UGA.

skip said...

Coming from a Dawg in Chapel Hill, I say bring it! Although I'd much rather see the gridiron dawgs in Kenan Stadium.....

Anonymous said...

This would be a great accomplishment for UGA to get a home and home with the Tar Heels. I would even be cool with 1 in Athens 1 in Chapel Hill and 1 in Charlotte if thats what it took. Home opener vs. the Tar Heels when the students are in town would be an absolutely electric atmosphere. I also dont understand why we dont play Clemson every year anymore.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 2:43,

That's a valid criticism. However, I have to you feel the Football Team is being under analyzed with more than 20 UGA blogs out there? I guess I don't.

If something strikes me as interesting, I'll start commenting on it. But honestly...I'm bored with Spring. It's all talk to me.

I've heard all of this before. Things are more intense. They are really getting after it. Chemistry is higher. The defense looks really good. The WRs are thin. The OL is banged up. Blah, blah, blah. It's all the same to me.

I want to see it on the field. Right now, it's just talk.

The only thing interesting to me is the position moves and there's nothing coming out that interests me about that either because everything is pretty close to the best. plan lately has been to blog about basketball a bit more. Get back into the habit of blogging quasi-regularly. Which I haven't been lately.

And then if I get inspired to talk about football...hopefully post-GDay I will.

I'm kind of content writing about other stuff right now.

Back to your question -- I think about that issue of too much b-ball and not enough football every day. It's a very valid question.

Said differently -- is football undergoing a real renewal? Or is football going through another PR campaign about renewal?

We can talk about it. But we won't know until we leave Columbia, SC.


SECC in '10...Please said...

I agree with everything PWD said, but I really believe he was responding to a rival comment rather than a "fan's" comment.

Anonymous said...

I for one love reading about the HoopDawgs on this blog. This is one of the few places I can get info about them and as you said, numerous other blogs are all about football.

Keep on doing what you're doing, and I'll keep on reading.

Chuck said...

Yeah, there's a ton of football "analysis" out there (I put it in quotes because we're analyzing whispers about the shadows of press conference tidbits).

I much prefer commentary on the highly interesting and dynamic world of our basketball program right now because a) it's a more promising trend and b) it's not something I can read about in 40 other places.

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