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March 4, 2010

If the SEC Tourney were tonight...

Georgia is tied with South Carolina at 5-10 in SEC play. Because of tie-breaker rules, we would be the 5 seed in the East if the SEC Tourney were tonight.

We would fall to the sixth seed if South Carolina wins at Vanderbilt as we'd move to head to head tie breaker C, which gives the nod to the chickens based on their win over Kentucky.

Said differently:
    If UGA beats LSU and SC beats Vandy, UGA gets the 6 seed.
    If both UGA and SC both lose, we get the 5 seed.
    If UGA wins and SC loses, we get the 5 seed.
    If SC wins and UGA loses, we obviously get the 6 seed.
The most likely scenario is that both of us lose on the road or UGA wins and SC loses. In either of those scenarios, we're the 5 seed in the East. Which means our most likely tournament path would be:
    Round 1:
    E5 UGA vs. W4 (Alabama/Arkansas/Auburn)

    Round 2:
    E5 UGA vs. E1 Kentucky

    Round 3:
    E5 UGA vs. W2 (ARK or Ole Miss) or E3 Tennessee

    Round 4:
    E5 UGA vs. E2 Vandy, W1 MSU or E4 Florida
In other words, we got a brutal draw with UK in the 2nd round. Damn.



Taylor said...

Seems kinda of stupid, If we finished 6th we would avoid Kentucky in the 2nd round. SO basically the 6th seed is rewarded more than the 5th seed?

Lucid Idiocy said...

So you really think it matters, Eddie?

StuDawg said...

Yeah... so, I'll be cheering on the chickens this weekend... they cannot lose 7 in a row can they? Maybe Downey finds his magic again and goes insane.

By the looks of it, best case scenario for us is that we both win, although thats also probably the least likely.

What if SC loses on purpose?

Hah, well damn. That just doesn't seem fair.

Kyle said...

Each seed has a different road to the finals. Sometimes getting the 6th seed is better then the 5th, because you would avoid the #1 seed until the finals... On the other hand, you would have to beat #2, and #3 to get there!!

Hobnail_Boot said...

So.. simplified, it's a matter of South Carolina control's the 5 seed. Win, it's theirs, lose, it's ours.

Anonymous said...

Why do you people even care who the Dawgs play in the second round? Getting through the first round will be enough of a problem. This is a much improved team, but the bottom line is that they are still not good enough to be counting their chickens.

Anonymous said...

The bracket's designed to reward the No. 1 seed, based on the idea that the higher seeds will always win.

So No. 1 gets No. 4 -- or No. 5. No. 2 gets No. 3 -- or No. 6.

If they did like the NHL does and reseeded the brackets after each round, that would fix that problem. But you'd lose the ability to know in advance what time your team was going to play.

But Georgia can definitely get through the first round; the SEC West is utter crap. And if they were to draw Ole Miss in the second round, that'd be winnable too. And they'll need to win two tournament games (in addition to the regular-season finale) to be eligible for any of the crappy tournaments, which I'm pretty sure all require a .500 record.

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