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March 5, 2010

Spring Practice Day 1 Recaps

Image by Hipple

Spring is in the air. Don't you love it.The players that I'm most curious about this Spring are Murray, Mettenberger, Washington, Hamilton and Samuel. Who are your top 5 players of intrigue this Spring?



Anonymous said...


Marlon Brown

Anonymous said...

Murray, Mettenberger, Marlon Brown, Cornelius Washington and Jakar Hamilton.

I think Samuel is going to be the biggest bust in the history of UGA football. Kid just has no instincts at all.

Andrew Danger Fritze said...

I'm definitely interested in how Vance Cuff has developed. The kid's already a junior and he has had very little impact. Ever since Marcus Howard left a couple years ago, I'm definitely gonna be looking for a dominant d-end, too.

Bill M. said...


Andy said...


Murray, Mettenberger, Samuel, AJ (please stay healthy), UGA VIII

Chris S said...

To the usual suspects, and the entire receiving corps (we don't have the depth to afford injuries), I'd add two:

1) Marlon Brown. Can he turn into a big-time threat to go opposite AJ Green (and replace him in '11)? We already know Green and Charles are going to be big-time threats--add in a strong #2 receiver, and you've got an even better situation than '08, when the Dawgs had Green and Massaquoi (but didn't have a big-time TE).

2) Washaun Ealey. It's not getting talked about much, but Richt said Ealey is much-improved over last season--faster and stronger. Add in that he's presumably more experienced in picking up assignments in the passing game, and it raises an interesting question of whether he becomes the every-down back, with Caleb King essentially playing a backup role, though probably with a significant number of reps.

As for the comment on Samuel, don't call him a bust until he has a chance to learn the defense. He has the physical ability to be a monster linebacker.

Chris S said...

Oh, and I'll add Logan Gray, though he's on everyone's list already. To me, the question isn't whether he becomes the starting QB, but how long it takes him to realize he's the third best of the group. Hopefully, it'll only take a week or so, and he can start learning the WR position early enough to make contributions there.

I'm not trying to bash the guy. He's a talented athlete who can contribute a great deal. But all the signs I've ever seen suggest he's not going to be the starter, so I hope he realizes it sooner rather than later so he can contribute in a place the Dawgs desparately need it--WR.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon 9:53,

I think you're going to be very wrong about Samuel. Very.

Anonymous said...

I think Samuel should redshirt. Too big of an adjustment after not playing defense for a couple of years. Sit out, relearn the position and come in with a legitimate chance to win a starting position in 2011 and possibly develop into an all-conference type player by the following year.

Jeff said...

The one thing samuel did very well was find the guys on the other side of the ball. As a running back not a good thing. As a linebacker, VERY good thing. I think the kid is going to be a beast once he settles in.

Dawg19 said...

In 1994, my dad used to say, "I wish I could see Robert Edwards get the ball in the open field. He is supposed to be super fast." One year later, Edwards was moved to a more natural position and went on to stardom.

I feel Samuel is moving to a more natural position. His style is find the target and attack. As a runner, he looked forward and hit whatever was in front of him...quickly. At least at linebacker, we know he won't fumble unless a turnover has resulted. Plus, Samuel has something to prove.

Ollllddude said...

Samuel will be fine, imo, and there is no need to redshirt: he knows as much as anyone about this system, because everyone is learning. he is a smart kid, and physically gifted.

Nothing against any of the others - all the "five choices" are interesting - but me personally, I want to see Kiante Tripp find a position and excel, as much for him as for the team. I would like to see Durham have a good year coming back from an injury, and maybe play himself into some sort of pro contract a la Finneran of the Falcons. I would also like to see Sturdivant stay healthy for a whole year, and because of the new system, I am interested in what happens with the D-line.

Hobnail_Boot said...

5 players of intrigue heading into 2009:

1. Trinton Sturdivant - A healthy "Luxury" would be a helluva boost to what should already be a strength of the team.

2. Marlon Brown - A year under his belt, might be make/break time considering his talent and hype.

3. Alec Ogletree - He's going to play, but it's a matter of where and how much.

4. Aaron Murray - The guy most think will win the only open starting spot on the O side of the ball. Can he be as poised as David Greene was as a redshirt freshman?

5. Kwame Geathers - His build, genetics, and stories of a changed body give me hope that he can dominate for a couple years.

Anonymous said...

LSU are we to blame a blown call for the loss, or face up to the fact LSU too along with Tennessee Alabama Florida and LSU all have National Championships, most of them multiple times in recent years, and that Auburn who we have beat 4 years in a row is only because while we have lost 14 games the last 4 years they have lost 18, when of course just prior to that too, they went undefeated 13-0.

14-game seasons nowadays and we’ve won more than 11 only once in the Coach Richt Era now starting Year 10.

It's not been very fun losing to every single SEC East team in a row the last 4 years.

Instead of trying to tell the players and coaches how great they are, why don't we tell them instead that we are not at all satisfied.

Because I for one am not.

I appreciate you trying to make me feel better, but the facts are that we have now yet again no quarterback with any experience whatsoever, and folks are talking about a rebuilding year. Just wait until next year the refrain goes, when after this season we lose 14 seniors and 5 juniors, all starters.

How can this year be a rebuilding year ? I thought we just went through a rebuilding year with 5 losses. 10-3 or 9-4 great defense and 2 best kickers on one team in America. If Aaron Murray after watching him for a year and half is # 1, has never taken a snap under center in his lifetime against anyone, is admittedly short and small and already has had 3 injuries the last 2 years from his size, doesn’t exactly have much zip on his ball usually worded as throwing then catchable balls, and has 4.7 speed which is not fast at all proven by the most serious injury to-date by a 300 lbs. lineman. If after watching Zach Mettenberger progress over a year and a half to the point where you ask Logan Gray starting his 4th year in this system to move to a new position with his grand totals of 0 touchdown passes, only 5 completions with 2 interceptions to show for his now 4th year in this system, is your back-up. Then, get Aaron Murray named Starter and Zach will have plenty of time to prove he is the back-up for injuries expected and Logan Gray 3rd.

This cannot be a rebuilding year because until the 3rd quarter of the 5th game you don’t know who your damn Starter is. You put yourself into this position. Now make a damn choice already. And, try making the right choice for a change on Offense just once now.

Anonymous said...

Wow....Anon 5:46. Tell us how you really feel. that Met has screwed himself.



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