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March 8, 2010

I'm glad SOMEBODY finally got arrested

In 2009, we had the fewest off field football incidents that I can remember in about 15-20 years, and we had a season completely in the toilet. I think it was "scrambledawg" who called last year, "A Dumpster Fire" of a season. (via the DawgVent)

Last time we had a big armed QB in the news for being a dumbass, we finished #2 in the nation. My conclusion? Viva la Mettenboozer. So I say...Let the Good Times Roll!

Which reminds me....We know about The Cherrishinski and The Knowshon Moreshino. What's Zach's signature drink?

Update -- Suggestions so far for Zach's signature cocktail:Others? I'm currently leaning towards the Mett-hatten.



Chuck said...

Zach Mettimbiber.

Dawg19 said...

The Zachery Night Special

Sandfly, GA said...


Sandfly, GA said...

The Remerton Mett Bomb.

Chris S said...

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I don't think it was the keg in the picture Stafford was really focusing on.

Chris S said...

Are there any drinks with the words "four-year backup" in them?

Hunkering Hank said...

Yet another overblown incident hyper-magnified by the media. What a nothing story. My dad, who played basketball at UGA in the 60's, regales me with tales of his spending all night out in New Orleans when the Dawgs would travel down to play LSU, Tulane, etc. The coach would find out and they would be run half to death the next day. End of story.

As for those of you throwing this kid under the bus and calling him a four year backup - you are pussies who could not hold Mettenberger's jock. He's a DAWG. He made a mistake. He will most certainly pay for it. And by the way, even if he is "just" a backup for four years, he'll still be more than you ever were.

Ty said...

Bad week for quarterbacks ending in -berger at Georgia bars.

Anonymous said...

Hunkering Hank:

What a dumb thing to say. This is NOT 1960 anymore. The fact that he had 2 fake id's shows his intent. If the kid has that bad of judgement, how can you expect him to handle the pressures of QB? Not to mention the fact that there are rumors another more serious charge is in the works. I realize these are kids and they make mistakes but come on! If he got in a car accident that killed people, he would be looking at some serious jail time.

And by the way, when Mett becomes "more" than a doctor, let me know.

Chris S said...

Hank, I posted this elsewhere, but I'll say it here, too. I don't have any big problem with what he did--lots of us drank and had fake IDs when we were underage. It's a teenage mistake; it doesn't show bad character.

What does show an enormous lack of judgment is to do it during the middle of a spring training camp in which he's competing for a starting position. The kid has no business doing ANY partying at all right now. If he had any sense, he'd be spending every spare moment in the film room.

If this happened in mid-February, I'd be inclined to shrug it off. The fact that it happened right now is a huge issue.

X-Dawg said...

Metthito, imo

Paul Westerdawg said...


The team is on spring break. He's doing something very similar to what most QBs are doing around the country.

Bird dogging chicks and enjoying being a student.


Anonymous said...

Paul, if he was just bird dogging chicks and being a college student, that's fine. But that's not what happened. Those 'rumored' charges are very real and could still come via criminal or civil court

Chris S said...


They may officially be on spring break, but if you were a QB partway into a spring training that could easily determine whether you will ever be a college starter, would you be 1) heading out of town to party or 2) studying film and books so you have a leg up on the other guys when camp resumes, what would you be doing? I wonder if Aaron Murray went on spring break?

Anonymous said...

A "Mettenberger in Paradise"...

Anonymous said...

Anon at 10:26- Your right, if the guy doesnt have better judgement then how could we ever expect him to preform on the field!?!? YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! ...LIST OF PLAYERS WITH TERRIBLE JUDGEMENT BUT GREAT ON THE FIELD...Ben Roethlisberger, Micheal Irvin.. Jerry Rice, Emmitt Smith, Warren Sapp, and Chad Ochocinco(dancing with the stars.. other sports.. A-rod, TIGER WOODS.. etc.

I dont know what the rumored charges are, but the point is that while this is not a non issue, it definitely isnt any indication about this kid on the field.

As far as whoever said that he shouldnt be drinking during spring practice, you obviously dont know any football players at georgia right now, I have some really good friends on the team: guys that have played alot of time, scored touchdowns, sacked qbs, intercepted passes etc. let me tell you a little bit about what they are doing at 10:04 am on spring break..

pretty sure i just saw someone pour natty light in their cereal..

also, two of the best players in the past few years at georgia matt staff and knowson made a living at bourbon street bar.. during spring during summer during fall..

UGAfanINclemson said...


We will never know if Murray went on spring break; he didn't get arrested - yet.

Hunkering Hank said...

Patient: Doctor, how can I live to be a hundred?
Doctor: Well, I suggest you give up drinking beer and going out with women.
Patient: And then will I live to be a hundred?
Doctor: No - but it will seem like it.

Dawgaholic said...

As a former college athlete, I remember often sacrificing parties etc. because of athletics. It seemed to be a common theme where I went to school. The other common theme was when myself and other athletes did party, we often partied a little harder than our friends who partied more often.

There's nothing to say ZM's plan wasn't to have a good time for a few days and then get back to Athens midweek and spend a good bit of his spring break working on the QB competition instead of a full week of spring break like regular students.

Unfortunately, ZM had a night probably not unlike what a lot of us have had except it spiraled out of control.

MoDawg said...

Long Legged Iced "Z"

Chris S said...

Anon, I'm sure most of the football players at UGA are partying right now, and I don't blame them. But the QB position is unique, and this camp is unique for QBs. QBs need far more film study than any other position, and there's a crucial battle for the position. If Mett loses to Aaron Murray, he'll probably never start at UGA (barring an injury), and he very well might lose any chance at a pro career. The next month might decide the rest of his life. This isn't an ordinary spring break.

Maybe it's unfair to compare to my personal experience, but when I was a senior at UGA, I had a make-up exam the week after spring break that was going to determine whether I got an A or B in a class. I was applying to grad school, and I wanted the A, so I skipped spring break to study for the exam. I wouldn't typically have done that, but I knew whether or not I got into grad school would have a dramatic impact on the rest of my life, so I skipped partying that year. I got the A and got into grad school.

Could I have gotten an A without skipping spring break? Maybe. Could I have gotten into grad school without the A? Probably. But it was such a critical event to my life I pulled out all the stops and didn't take chances. My point is that, if Mett is taking football seriously, I don't understand why he's not pulling out all the stops to succeed in spring camp. It suggests he doesn't have a burning passion to be the starting QB at UGA next season, and you need burning passion to succeed in that position.

Hunkering Hank said...

Let's fire Mark Richt and hire Chris S. as the football coach.

He's a genius.

Tommy said...

I'm saying this as someone who consumed early and often at Georgia:

We get more than our share of good ol' boys who think they can show up and be Belue or Bobo and that'll take care of it. Basically, guys who get circles run around them in Jacksonville by determined Gator QBs who want to win a hell of a lot more.

Enough with the "just a college student" crap. A potential starting QB at a BCS school is not "just" a college student. This isn't 1980.

sUGArdaddy said...

Chris has hit the nail on the head. Remember all those pictures and arrests from DJ and Greenie partying? Me neither. Remember when Tebow got arrested that time? Me neither. Of course, there was the time Matt Flynn and Chris Leak got busted...oh yeah, me neither.

Championships, baby. Championships. It takes something different.

GumpDawg said...

Sexual Assualt,...I'm sorry, college students do stupid things, I was one once, but Mett showed he was a real stupid horses azz...sexual assualt. He'll be suspended and at a D-2 program b-4 fall semester begins.

GumpDawg said...

Chris, Tommy, sUGArdaddy,...couldn't agree more...Mett's an idiot and the sexual assualt charge is about to fall, real stupid. He also showed he was an arrogant horses rear that night, besides his untowardness to the female. sexual assualt?!!!, stupid,...he'll be suspended and at a d-2 program b-4 fall semester begins, count on it.

Hunkering Hank said...

If there's more than drinking and acting foolish, then that changes things for Mett. I don't know about all that, I wasn't there and I'm not in the know.

But as to your comments on players drinking, partying, etc. - has it ever occurred to you that the other guys named as examples of perfection (and countless others) engaged in the same drinking and carousing and just didn't get caught?

Your point is well taken as to the risk Mett took and that he should not have taken it without being sure he was "safe" given that we live in a world where something like underage drinking (or driving your moped in a pedestrian area) is overblown into a federal case.

Here's hoping Mett didn't do anything REALLY stupid.

PTC DAWG said...

I still think it's nuts that an 18 year old can't legally drink a BEER.

I'll let those that never drank underage, or used a fake ID do the stoning.

Eric Massa said...

Sexual assault? Was he a drunk titty twister too?


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