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March 8, 2010

UGA QB Zach McLovin Arrested

As you likely know by now, Zach Mettenberger (age 18) was arrested in Remerton, Georgia on multiple misdemeanor charges including (per the AJC):
  • Underage consumption/possession of alcohol
  • disorderly conduct
  • obstruction
  • two counts of having fake identification
I'll start by saying that I really don't think this is a big deal. The kid got pinched for drinking on Spring Break. So what? It's a one or two game suspension. The only person he screwed in this deal is himself because it makes it dramatically more difficult for him to win the starting job. In terms of a risk point for shouldn't matter much unless Murray gets hurt.

My issues are more with the police report. I mean seriously...who parties in Remerton, Georgia? You're less than 3 hours from the Beach during Spring Break where you can get away with anything short of murder, and you stop for a party in Remerton? That's like driving to Vegas but stopping to gamble in Bullhead City, Nevada. Or going to Carnival in Rio and stopping for beers with Amazonian villagers in a remote hut.

3 hours from freedom. And don't give me that "You're just an elitist Atlanta guy crapping on South Georgia." I've lived in Valdosta, and I sure as hell wouldn't party there OR Remerton.

As for the two fake ids? Come on Zach. That's amateur hour crap. What do you need a second fake ID for?
"Oh, you don't think I look like Admiral McLovin? Maybe, you'll be more comfortable if I were Mohammad Sadar."
Good grief.



Blake W said...

Remerton is the downtown of Valdosta State man, and it is fun as hell to hang out there (i absolutely loved going to school down there before i came to UGA). Having said that, theres no excuse for Mett being a dumbass...he asked for this one and has now handed over the job to AM

Anonymous said...

"The downtown of Valdosta State"...damn, that sounds "fun as hell, man." LMAO.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Savannah and I've never even heard of remerton. Haha rookie mistake. I'll be on a boat in the gulf somewhere the next week so I won't get only UGA news unless we do something incredibly stupid like Big Ben and make it on ESPN.

Will said...

Know where else is fun as hell? Milledgeville! Just ask Roethlisberg- oh wait... Why couldn't we trade with Remerton? I'm a GCSU student and I'm kind of sick of the reporter crap already

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

My concern is that if he makes a bad judgment on something like this, then how will be make a good decision while being blitzed (pun intended!)

Chris S said...

I don't have a big issue with an underage kid getting busted for drinking and carrying a fake ID. You're supposed to make that sort of mistake when you're 18 so you learn from it and don't make dumb mistakes when you're an adult and the QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I DO have an issue with the fact that it happened during the middle of spring training when you're supposed to be competing for the starting QB job. It either says 1) you aren't taking the competition seriously or 2) you've more or less realized you aren't going to win the competition and don't give a crap.

On a related note, I'm not sure whether it's more embarassing for a college QB to get busted in Remerton or an NFL QB to get busted in Milledgeville. Either way, you're aiming way too low.

Irishdawg said...

Poor kid. I used more fake IDs at UGA than Jason Bourne but I got lucky. I also didn't get rowdy in nowheresville places like Remerton until I was over 21. (Full disclosure: after I got out of the Army, I almost pummeled some asshole who hit on my sister in Remerton, so there is trouble to be had there.
My point is, this isn't a big deal. I'll take guys getting caught drinking underage over felony assault or weapons charges anyday. Hey Techies, how's that manhunt of Ruben Houston going?

Ubiquitous GA Alum said...

"I mean seriously...who parties in Remerton, Georgia?"

Maybe he was looking for Big Ben's after party ...

Michael said...

If you go to gamble in Bullhead City, NV you'd have to be really drunk. Bullhead is in AZ. Laughlin is the NV town.

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