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April 27, 2010

NCAA Passes on Adams

Next time you are in Boston, be sure to give Bob Ryan a kick in the balls. Don't get us wrong. It's been slow in the schadenfreude department, so Ryan's and the Boston Globe's withering takedowns of Adams were each a pleasure. But is the enemy of my enemy my friend? Not when it means Adams is staying in Athens.

The NCAA skipped over Mike Adams and named University of Washington president Mark Emmert as its next president. Who knows what the carried the day with the search committee, but I'm sure the bad publicity from the Boston Globe didn't help, particularly taking Adams to task over graduation rates. Or maybe the search committee met him personally.

[Photo: AP/John Amis] Not so fast, my friend. Il Duce needs a new exit strategy.


Scott said...

Dear Bob Ryan:


With Love,
UGA Alumni Everywhere!

Anonymous said...

I've met the guy, actually very charming in person...devil usually is.

Anonymous said...

Meh ... Did anyone really believe that Adams was truly in the running? I think his public statements of not being a candidate was posturing for the fact that he knew it was unlikely.

Anonymous said...

I don't know...maybe this is the beginning of the downward career arc for Adams. He's been failing upwards all his life, so gravity has to kick in at some time, right?

all school said...

I think it's clear that the NCAA blew it's opportunity to hire a unique specimen of a CEO in the person of Mike Adams.

I think all true UGA fans would agree that Mike deserves a different, larger stage to demonstrate his singular talents. I would like to nominate him for President......of Hamas. Or Afghanistan. Or Mayor of Mogadishu. Something. Anything. Does Iran need a new Ayatollah? No reasonable offer will be refused. We'll throw in his wife and graduation party loving son. It'll be great. Sort of like having your own little Romanov family runnning your country/province/hamlet....right into the ground.

Oh, and no givebacks.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure that whether or not he was named the President of the NCAA or not would not matter, as he would still be the President at UGA.

AppleDawg said...

Is this the point where many UGA fans go off on Adams even though 99% of them couldn't exactly tell us why?

It the cool thing to do these days

I know, I know....someone went and googled Adams to find a reason.

Anonymous said...

He took muh footbaw parkin!!

BCSAV said...

Other than the Basketball thing in 2003, I haven't had another reason to dislike him.

Anonymous said...

he booted the frats off lumpkin for parking and eventually a library or something. there's my reason.

PTC DAWG said...

Me thinks AppleDawg is on to something.

Dawgaholic said...

I guess myself and my many UGA alum friends are part of your 1 percent that don't like Adams because of the way he continually replaced department heads and deans during his first few years just to have "his" people in those positions, or because he "misused" (to put it lightly) university funds on numerous occasions, or because of his inane meddling with athletics, or etc. etc. etc.

Adams needs to go. He has needed to go for about 12 years now. If you do support Adams, what was your price??

Michael said...

Lucky us!

We get to keep one of the best presidents UGA has ever had.

Massively increased endowment.

Dramatically improved football team.

Win win.

Michael said...

Are pro Adams comments deleted?

I posted something pro Adams yesterday and it is gone now.

Anonymous said...

Appledog, you're a class-A moron.

From just about stealing from the university's endowment to ridiculous PC regarding the GA-FL game to hampering the gameday experience, it's hard to figure out how he hasn't been fired.

Reptillicide said...


I disliked Adams as a student, BEFORE I found out about all the shady things he's done. Never saw why undergrads should be treated like second-class citizens. They ARE kind of the reason the University exists... last time I checked, the doctorate programs aren't keeping the lights on in the SLC.

Anonymous said...

You want to know why any friend of the University, not just fan of the athletics program has reason to dislike Michael Adams, just read Behind the Hedges.
Hundreds of millions in research royalties squandered, questionable research deals, management by personal vendetta, not to mention that Georgia's positions in fundraising, facutly salaries and academic achievement among peer institutions have all dropped during his tenure.

Dawgnoxious said...

"Massively increased endowment."

Michael, you're confusing the endowment with annual giving. Adams's annual giving/capital campaign numbers look good because he games the system. For instance, the Hartman Fund is part of the totals. Do you attribute Hartman Fund donations to Mike Adams's awesomeness as a fundraiser?

The endowment lags far, far behind our peer institutions.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I can understand taking a leave of absence from the blog...I really can. I'm sure it gets old after 4 years constantly thinking of new material to write about in the way that you do.

But can you at least give us an update man? I'm sorry to say that I have taken you off my favorites. I have just experienced too much pain and disappointment over the past months of not seeing an update. We miss you buddy!

Kyle said...

Knock Knock. Anyone Alive? Christian Lemay Anyone? Even some sort of Keenland update in honor of the Kentucky Derby??? Travel Plans, Updates, Anything really?

Anonymous said...

1) Openly misappropriated university funds to host the one and only party he has ever hosted 'for the law school's graduation speaker' the year his son graduated from law school. This is an example, not the reason.
2) Feigned surprise when said party was found out; feigned hurt when it was explicitly stated he did something wrong; feigned victim-hood when he 'repaid' the money.
3) Meddled in the hiring process during the search that resulted in the hiring of Jim Harrick, then threw the AD under the bus when questioned about the hiring of Jim Harrick.
4) Pushed through having his wife hired (at a higher salary than nearly 60% of all employees at UGA) because of the 'nature of the work the President's wife does for the University.' Henry King Stanford and Dr. Davidson's wifes are owed much back pay, as they were far more engaged than Dr. Adam's wife (I can't speak to Dr. Knapp's spouse, as I have no knowledge to speak from).
5) Consistently purges senior administrators that disagree with him, even when those senior administrators are right.
6) Openly fostered a fight with the University's foundation, in order to both save his golden parachute and to gain more control over said foundation's funds.
7) The general disdain for undergraduate students that has been fostered from the top down in his tenure. Yes, great research universities are judged by their doctoral and professional programs. However, great research universities also have great undergraduates that feed those programs. The sense of us (administration) vs. them (students) on every decision is...curious, at best.

Those are my top seven. I do not deny the football team is better. I do not deny that there are many things about the look of campus that is significantly better than when I was a student. Damon Evans was among the best hires at any university in the past 10 years.

If having a good football team and a President that is mentioned as a successor to Miles Brand at the NCAA is good enough for you, then we just have to agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

As a HUGE Dawg fan, say what you want about Adams, at least he got rid of Dooley!! So for that alone, I give Adams a lot of slack!!

Only Jimmy Carter comes close as the biggest self promoter!

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