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April 8, 2010

YMCA Mentality out the door?

Jon Fabris' disdain for a meritocracy, his passion for slow walk-ons, and his ignorance of geometry and rudimentary physical science were things that I (and many of you) found truly maddening about our kickoff strategy over the past few seasons.

As I said last year:
It doesn't take a physics major to know that back-up fullbacks, long snappers, and walk-on safeties aren't as fast as Brandon James or Trindon Holliday. And third team QBs, while fast, aren't ideally suited for violent collisions, either.
David Hale pointed out this morning that all of that finally may be coming to an end. (Ht - Blutarsky)

Like I mentioned the other day in the comments section, I haven't been writing about spring this year because I've found it to be staggeringly boring, and mostly a rehash of prior year soundbytes. However, this actually sounds like something more than just lip service. It's very encouraging to me.



Crane said...

I propose we rename Warren Belin Thomas Paine.

Chris S said...

Fabris' strategy of using back-ups wasn't unsound in theory. Coaches only get to spend 20 hours coaching their players each week. If you're going to use your best players on kickoff coverage, you don't get as much time to practice it (and they get less practice at their primary position). You have to choose between having more practiced, less talented squad or a less practiced, more talented one.

There's also a big risk of injury on kickoff coverage, which is yet another reason you might not want to risk an offensive/defensive starter.

All of that said, Fabris' strategy was clearly a failure in practice, so I'm glad to see we're trying something different.

Anonymous said...


Matt B said...

I can't tell you how happy I am that that old coot Fabris has gone out to pasture.

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Chris, can you share some data that shows there is more risk of injury on kick off coverage?

To be honest, I do not see it.

Anonymous said...

Chris, the scenario you describe is all the more reason to kick the ball deep instead of directionally. If you're going to play scrubs on special teams, then you should want them to tackle as seldom as possible.

Chris S said...

Sam, I'll confess I don't have data, but it's an opinion I've generally heard expressed from football people, and, on the face of it, it makes sense, as it's one of the few times guys tend to collide head-on while running at full speed.

That said, it might not be right--but, given that many football people seem to have that opinion, it's possible Fabris might not have even had access to some of the starters.

Anonymous said...

AHHHH!!!! Tell me that Mett will beeeee the startin' QB! He looked good today. Part of me still hopes its murray tho. throwin mett out against the Cocks scares me a bit. Regardless, Go Dawgs....this needs to be our year.

Chris S said...

Anonymous, my point was about personnel, not directional kicking vs. kicking it deep.

Anonymous said...

Playing football you are going to get hit at full speed. I dont see how sitting out kickoffs and saving yourself 2-3 hits per game really takes away the injury risk from a player.

Ginny said...

Hey Paul,

I'm reading where Mark Fox just signed Donte Williams, the Class AAAA player of the year. Know much about him? Is he signing with the 2011 class?

Joe said...

#1: how wouldnt saving 3 hits a game decrease your chance of being injured, you just said it yourself, you just avoided 3 full speed hits! so yes it does SLIGHTLY help the player avoid injury.

#2: On kickoff's there is a greater chance of injury because the guys are ACTUALLY going 100% full speed, they have a full head of steam before any contact is made, on offense or defense its rare that a player is actually at full speed when contact is made.. too many cuts, shakes, changes of direction.. i dont have time to explain this, but if you watch football you should know this to be true

#3: What would you be feeling if aj green gets lost for a season on a special teams play? exactly nobody wants our best players to be lost.. PWD mentioned that backup fullbacks, long snappers, and qbs cant cover BRANDON JAMES and TRINDON HOLLIDAY... while this is true, that doesnt mean our 1st team guys should be out there, we need more back out secondary players, and wide recievers..

oh and btw brandon james and trindon holliday are role players, they are not star players, they are exciting and can win a game for a team.. compare them to brandon smith or boykin last year(boykin LAST year, this year he will be more important because he will likely be a starting corner)

great players but its not as if they were irreplaceable.. if they were lost for a few games, it wouldnt affect the team being able to win games(losing starting players at important positions-rb, wr, OLB.. would hurt are chances of winning, we are not deep enough yet)

Anonymous said...

I remember when this blog used to be great...

Anonymous said...

are y'all really this bad at baseball? last night was UGLY, 25-6

Anonymous said...

We need to quit blaming Fabris for his asinine KO strategy, the blame ultimately falls on the shoulders of CMR for allowing it.

Anonymous said...

What is going on with the Georgia Sports Blog???? There has not been a new post in over a week.

I don't know what the reason is, but I am starting to have withdrawals.

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