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June 10, 2010 much for a boring off season

The entire college football universe may change more in the next 48 hours than it has at any other compressed period of time in history with a likely end to the Big 12, and the trickle down impacts of that decision. Along with a much shorter term impact, but loud in the near term slapping of Southern Cal.

The latest on USC appears to be 20 lost scholarships, a two year bowl ban, and the optional penalty free release of upperclassmen to transfers. Bama fans still won't be pleased because it's not quite as bad as they got. But then again....the link tying the football staff at Bama to the Means saga was more concrete than the link tying Bush to the USC staff. I expect that much of this initial probation from the NCAA is for show. About a year later, they'll come back and soften the punishment a little.

Here's the big question on USC. Will the scholarship reduction begin immediately, or will it begin after the appeal? Ideally for Southern Cal haters, the penalty will begin after the appeal. Which means, they could damage an additional recruiting class before the sanctions even start while in limbo.



JB said...

the SEC has GOT to step in and steal texas and texas AM.. if we dont then we could easily look up in 5-10 years and realize our conference is the equilvalent of the ACC or Big 12 now..

when people talk about conferences it will be: PAC16, big10, sec...

some people arnt seeing the long-term effects of this.

we need to do something today!

Paul Westerdawg said...

If we don't expand will my Saturday's be less fun?

I don't think so.

Moggs said...

This isn't a numbers game (in terms of teams). Just becuase they may have 16 teams and the SEC has 12 won't mean the SEC is an inferior conference. Do you think that larger conferences means that the SEC won't contend for the MNC every single year. On the flip side, add the two Texas's to the SEC then UGA will have the longhorns rotate in our schedule every so often. That doesn't make our chances better of getting to the SECCG or the MNC. Conference expansion is about the number of TV sets and profitability. What do you think, just because the PAC may have 16 teams that the SEC loses it's talent base and competitiveness?

Chris S said...

On the USC suspension, one has to wonder whether USC's decision to hire Kiffin didn't prejudice the NCAA against them just a little bit.

Going out and hiring someone with a track record of violations (albeit minor ones), a reputation for playing fast and loose with the rules, and a strong connection to the coach in place when the offenses occurred is hardly a sign of contrition. Hiring someone with a reputation for running a squeaky-clean program might have been a better move.

Of course, I'm sure the NCAA would never officially say hiring Kiffin resulted in stiffer sanctions, but I'm pretty sure it didn't help.

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