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June 9, 2010

The Dream Team pitch is working

Dean Legge has a great read on the Dream Team concept. The closing paragraph is absolute money:
The Dream Team notion is working… Georgia won’t sign Tucker’s James Vaughters (he will commit to Stanford in the coming weeks) but every other player in the top 15 in the state is either committed to Georgia or seriously considering the Dawgs. This is a massive turnaround from the Dawgs’ recruiting struggles of 2010. After all, 2011 is a construction zone, and hard hats are required.
That's exceptional news because last year's offensive class was about as close to a full bore dumpster fire as you can get. To get recruiting back and really performing at such a high-level despite last year's disappointing season says a lot about Mark Richt and this staff. It's impressive.



JasonC said...

I think things are going well, especially in grabbing quality 3-4 star guys, but for this to work at its best, they need a big blue chip guy, of which there are a few, to come in to be a big magnet.
LeMay has done that to a certain extent, but it sounds like we might miss on Vaughters and Crowell and some of the other guys seem very content to drag out recruiting until the last minute which doesn't help us have that "magnetism".

Frank Franklin said...

I feel like we were saying the same thing a year ago, when we were the hottest team on the recruiting trail in the country. In June. Just like now.

Let's hope that the season goes well and we close the deal with these recruits.

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