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June 9, 2010

Georgia lands enormous two sport recruit

Nick Marshall has committed to play football and basketball for the University of Georgia. Marshall will play defensive back for the football team, and he'll play both guard positions for Coach Fox's basketball team.

Why this is a big deal:
  • Marshall is one of the best all around athletes in state. If Christian LeMay is good enough at QB for Coach Richt to feel comfortable offering Marshall at CB, that's an excellent sign.

  • As Blutarsky pointed out this morning, Marshall is a former silent commit to GT to play QB. This is exactly the type of kid CPJ needs to land. That he'd rather play CB for us than QB for them says a lot.

  • Marshall will sign his letter of intent as a football player, and he will not count against the 13 scholarship limit for the basketball team. If Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie go pro as expected, Georgia will have 6 scholarships to give for the 2011 season. Marshall could be the seventh member of that class if Coach Fox wants to try and land a "Dream Team" of his own in the ultra stacked 2011 hoops recruiting class.

  • Marshall is a Top 125 level player in the nation in basketball according to He's a guy that can help Georgia at either point guard or shooting guard.

  • One of Nick Marshall's closest friends on the hoops circuit is Kentavious Caldwell. Caldwell is arguably the best shooting guard in Georgia if not the entire Southeast. He's 6'6" with the ability to manufacture points by the bucketload, and he starts shooting when he gets off the bus. Last season, Georgia signed Kenarious Gates as an offensive tackle who is another close friend and former high school teammate of Caldwell's. To sign Caldwell and Marshall would establish the foundation for an elite backcourt. Especially, with Top 100 SG/SF Malcom Brogdon also very interested in the Dawgs.
Marshall's commitment is a very big deal for the Dawgs in both sports. We're talking about a guy who could legitimately start for UGA one day at quarterback, wide receiver, cornerback, safety, shooting guard or point guard. That's a very handy asset.

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Sounds like Georgia is really on the up and up in football and basketball. They're very serious about what they're doing.


Dubbayoo said...

Learning QB and playing basketball would be a tall order. Smart move to sign as a DB

Will said...

I miss Champ Bailey.

stick jackson said...

The Tony Flanagan of his generation. Except with a happier ending, one hopes.

The reversal of fortune in recruiting that CMR has engineered is very impressive, and considerable momentum seems to be building with hoops.

Anonymous said...

Man, is there a coach in college football nowadays who would use a guy like Champ the way we used to? 115, 120 snaps a game. It wasn't long ago at all, but it seems like an entirely different era.

Anonymous said...

We did not sign much on Offense this 2010 season, and Christian LeMay did give lots of outs in his statement using words of if. If we do not sign Christian LeMay, this 2011 class is also so far very poor on Offense.

We signed lots of defensive players 2010 and we have commitments like this again on defense for 2011.

We have this glaring at us, being # 3 vs SEC East teams the last 4 years and # 4 vs SEC teams the last 4 years.

It is becoming clear that the remainder of our commitments for 2011 better be top offensive stars, such as a top wide receiver and a top running back. How can these 2 holes remain so obvious and no commitment ?

A good reporter would get on top of this and ask the top offensive recruits in this state 2010 while they all chose to go to the rivals who are beating we Georgia Buldogs the last 4 years now in a row.

The 15 seniors and 4 top juniors we lose after this season, means this 2010 season with this soft schedule had better be a great year for us because 2011 will be both a harder schedule and a season in which we have to replace nearly every starter on the entire team.

Anonymous said...

Of course we cannot enjoy a MAJOR new commitment for one day without whiner showing up. Thanks anon 6:41.

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