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June 7, 2010

Profiles in Hope: Stegeman Renovation Update

On Sunday, the Athens Banner Herald posted updated renderings of what Stegeman Coliseum will look like after the renovations are completed this November (Image: ABH). The interior look and feel of the concourses is dramatically more impressive than I anticipated. Lee Shearer has the story which you may have missed because it appears to have been filed online under News instead of dogbytes or basketball.

Check the doesn't look like the same facilities inside the concourses. As for the interior seating area, it hasn't been the problem for several years. The problem was the coaches and the product they put on the court for far too many years.

I'm thrilled to know that we're going to have an updated facility in time for this season.



fuelk2 said...

Wow. Very impressive. The exterior look reminds me of a mini Jerry's World in Dallas. Now if we could just get some decent uniforms for the guys. You know you've done something wrong when the Men's BB jerseys are so similar to the softball jerserys.

Dawgfan17 said...

Seems to me much better use of funds renovating it than building a new one. Hopefully it will get as good of reviews once all the work is done.

NCT said...

It's very cool. I hate to seem picky, but I liked the glass in the earlier renderings. Anyway, it'll be a great boost to the game-going experience.

Anonymous said...

I second that. Our unis are awful. Can we please get some sharp duds for our return to the Top 25?

Brad said...

I can't wait to see it! Is the mural really going to be only Lady Dawgs or did I not see it correctly? We've had enough good moments for the men that there has to be something, maybe the "Do it for Broph" game celebration?

Justin Hall said...


12 mil to renovate vs 100+ mil to build a new one. I think we are doing the right thing

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