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June 6, 2010

Expansion Update

Matt Hinton has a comprehensive update on Conference Expansion that's a must read. It walks through last week's drama involving the Big 12's possible collapse. It really sounds like the next two weeks will be critical in the Big 10, Big 12 and Pac 10 expansion efforts.



Will said...

For all Mike Slive's comments about staying pat, I am starting to grow concerned about our ability to remain competitive with the upper echelon if these deals go down without the SEC making a move.

While it's unlikely that Texas ever comes to the SEC (blah blah no AAU schools blah), shouldn't Slive at least be making a more loud case for Texas than he is? Imagine the dominance of a combined partial Big XII South and the SEC. We would control the TV markets across the Sun Belt (highest pop. growth in the country), and we'd be by FAR the best in both Football, Baseball, and would grow remarkably well in Basketball, as well.

However, if Slive sits back and waits to react to the Pac-10/Big-10 carving up of the Big XII, we may be forced to grow from within, picking up FSU (no market growth there), Clemson (no market growth, but already an "SEC" football program), and 2 other possible ACC teams (I'm hearing Va. Tech and the Nats are the two main options currently, but bring Ga. Tech into the SEC makes no sense money wise, as UGA already controls the Atlanta market). We'd loose millions in potential TV revenue by allowing Texas to make its move without at least considering the SEC option.

Clearly, Texas wants its own TV network a la what the SEC allows. Slive has floated this in his comments from SEC Media Days, but pressing this would show Texas how in line with our views on these topics they are with us. While Texas argues about Academics, Florida is the public southern Ivy, and Georgia is clearly becoming more prestigious. Vanderbilt is Vandy, and other institutions are becoming better schools as well. I grant the Texas fan the argument that the overall SEC is not as academically prestigious as the Pac-10 or Big-10, but this move is about money, clear and simple. You want to look like you're making a move for academics, apply to the Ivy League for membership; if not, do what's smart.

Anyways, I'm just really surprised that the SEC is letting this issue move around them so quickly with so little comment.

Andy said...

The expansion-talk is interesting, but it really means nothing to me as a Dawg. Were the SEC to obtain Texas, I'd feel nothing special playing them in a game-of-the-week match-up if we're still not able to conquer those other orange SOBs in Tennessee and Florida. . .

Glenn said...


Great blog!

What was the source of the Helmet Map (U.S. states with helmets marking all FBS programs) that you posted on July 6, 2005? I'd like to credit the author of that map, as I used it to sketch out some conference re-alignment possibilities on my own blog.


DavidSDawg said...

I don't give a rip about TEXAS. Give me FSU, Clemson, the Nerds, and Louisville.

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