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July 29, 2010

More Hoops Scheduling Rumors

Via the comments from earlier in the week, we're hearing rumblings of a possible game in Athens against Marshall. Last season the Thundering Herd's RPI was 67th and they went 11-6 in CUSA (including their league tournament). It's a decent RPI filler game.

On the other hand, Georgia will play Mississippi Valley State on Nov. 12th to open the season. This is the Friday Night before the Auburn road game. MVSU had an RPI of roughly eleventy billion (ok...325th out of 347th). They play an up tempo style, but they stink.

As a point of reference our buddy ScenicCityDawg pointed out that former Dawg Drazen Zlovaric rained down 16 points of awesomeness on these guys two years ago in Athens as part of a 41 point victory. Uhh....that was 35% of his total points over his two year UGA career.

It's not an ideal RPI match-up, but it's Game 1, and everyone plays a few of these bottom feeders.

Tentative Basketball Schedule:
    Marshall (rumored)
    Arkansas State
    Mississippi Valley State
    Plus 3-5 more teams

    Georgia Tech
    Saint Louis

    Notre Dame (confirmed)
    Plus 2 more in Orlando
Any other rumors you're hearing? Let us know. MemphisDog will start working them. From what I've heard, we can eliminate Miami, Penn State, UNC and NC State from the rumor mill. Those are were all either non-starters despite the early rumors, or they fell apart during the process.



kevin said...

I would like to see us continue to play in big markets like NYC, Chicago, DC, and LA. I think that can only help our recruiting and program visibility.

The last trip to Chicago was a disaster. But I wouldn't mind seeing an actual home and home with Illinois or even Northwestern.

Syracuse doesn't like to play OOC road games, but I'd like to have a series with them. I also wouldn't mind seeing a series with UVA or Maryland.

Anonymous said...

They play at Mercer December 23rd...

Anonymous said...

Howabout a road trip to Macon to take on Mercer for a scheduling quirk?

Anonymous said...

Howabout a road trip to Macon to take on Mercer for a scheduling quirk?

Anonymous said...

You can add the road game at Mercer. Seems pretty confirmed

Standup! said...

I like the Mercer idea. Instead of playing in an empty Steg on Dec. 23rd, play a "road game" against a team that will be happy to draw a crowd for the flagship university. It will add some energy to the game and give you some experience on the road. Although, after Orlando in Nov. this team should have all the experience it needs.

Anonymous said...

Now you can add Colorado!

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