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August 4, 2010

Georgia Basketball Non-Conference Schedule (Updated)

Most of the Georgia Basketball Schedule is now clear. Here is the schedule as we believe it will pan out (Updated with more info at 6:19 pm. Added Nov. 4th preseason game and the Dec. 28th Charleston Southern game):
Nov. 4 (Thurs.) -- vs. Augusta State (EXHIBITION)
Nov. 12 (Fri.) -- vs. Mississippi Valley State (RPI: 325) (confirmed)
Nov. 16 (Tues.) -- vs. Colorado (RPI: 120) (confirmed)
Nov. 20 (Sat.) -- at Saint Louis (RPI: 87) (confirmed)
Nov. 25 (Thurs.) -- vs. Notre Dame (RPI: 49) in Orlando (confirmed)
Nov. 26 (Fri.) -- vs. Cal (RPI: 20) or Temple (RPI: 8) in Orlando (confirmed)
Nov. 28 (Sun) -- vs. TBD in Orlando (opponent based on bracket)
Dec. 3 (Fri.) -- vs. UAB (RPI: 45)
Dec. 7 (Tues.) -- at Georgia Tech (RPI: 33) (confirmed)
Dec. 18 (Sat.) -- vs. Arkansas State (RPI: 202)
Dec. 21 (Tues.) -- vs. High Point University (RPI: 254) (confirmed)
Dec. 23 (Thurs.) -- at Mercer (RPI: 221) (confirmed)
Dec. 28 (Tues.) -- vs. Charleston Southern (RPI: 285)
Dec. 31 (Fri.) -- vs. Eastern Kentucky (RPI: 155)
Feb. TBD -- vs. Xavier (RPI: 19) (opponent confirmed. Date TBD)
The information above is based on published reports or research by MemphisDog or myself. If the unconfirmed dates and opponents hold up, it's an exceptional slate for a couple of reasons.
1. Overall Strength -- Due to the bracket structure in Orlando, we will play 3 BCS teams there plus GT, Colorado and a Top 25 or so Xavier team. Six teams of that caliber in one season is exceptionally strong scheduling. When you add UAB at home, Saint Louis on the road and Mercer on the road (which softens the RPI blow of playing their squad), it's a very well structured group.
2. Weekend Non-Conference Games -- Last year was tough in terms of weekend scheduling. This year we get 4 games on Friday or Saturday at home plus 4 more games on the road/neutral on weekends or holidays. That makes it much easier to beef up attendance which is huge for the renovated Stegeman's seating.
3. It's an attention getter slate. -- There's more than enough juice to get pollster and pundit attention IF Georgia takes care of business. Last year, UGA got two games on ESPN or ESPN2 plus two more on ESPNU. This year I'm projecting 10-12 games on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU including SEC Play which is enormous for recruiting.
We're also hearing that the first SEC game will be Kentucky at home on a Saturday (hopefully at night). It's not unreasonable that we could be 11-2 going into that game, and the Cats lost seven players from last year's squad. Even if they replaced them all with rock stars, it will still be their first game on the road in SEC play.

This schedule presents an enormous opportunity for Georgia. The keys to next season will be can the team stay healthy? Can the team mentally mature enough to start winning on the road? Is Gerald Robinson as good as rumored?

The SEC slate should be released in a week or two.

What's your thought on this slate?



Anonymous said...

lets stop talking about handball, and focus on more important things, like football, and making urban cry

Ludakit said...

The first thing (and most important) you get from this scheduling is it's obvious how badly Fox wants our kids to play on television. Most games would be televised anyway, but by playing more BCS schools and by playing tougher RPI teams, we could feasibly make a jump from playing on SEC network to more ESPN/2/U games, allowing more exposure for the University.

Secondly, it'll build recruiting momentum. More exposure plus the inevitable fawning over Trey and Travis will help us pitch ourselves better to kids. Better games = better wins and that's what you pitch to those kids. A strong showing non-conference will go a long way in taking our recruiting pitch from just words to action.

You add a decent run in non-conference and the SEC slate and you've got a recipe for a tourney run and the opportunity to really grow this program.

I can't wait until we start playing this year and how often have we said THAT about basketball?

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a game with Hawaii in Athens as well?

VAdawg said...

I love this schedule. Great mix of various RPI's and more weekend games is definitely a good thing. I think the keys to the season will be injuries and who can step up in the post alongside Trey. I think Jeremy Price has all of the potential in the world, as evidence by his All Freshmen-SEC rookie year, but he struggles with consistency. When Price plays well, it usually means the Hoop Dawgs are hitting on all cylinders.

To me, the other burning question is if Sherrard Brantley can pick up where Ricky McThree left off. Ricky was a huge part of our offense and we're going to need Brantley to step up and hit big shots if we want to have a solid chance.

Gerald Robinson is a huge part of the puzzle as well, but I think he is going to be as Fox has advertised. I don't see Fox as a big Coach Speak kind of guy. He usually tells it straight up (like when he told a Bulldog Club that his team didn't know what free throws were). So I believe him when he says that with Robinson we would have won 4 or 5 more games last year.

I am unbelievably excited about hoops. If we keep improving like we did last year, we are going to be a tough team to beat.

Paul Westerdawg said...

The Hawaii game never materialized.


Paul Westerdawg said...

VADawg - I agree. We just have to stay healthy. We didn't get so much as a toe nail injury last year.

The drop off behind Trey and Travis is ENORMOUS.


Jeffrey said...

Seen Robinson play at Ramsey a few times--he's def a HUGE step up in terms of quickness. Not a great shooter, but just SUPER athleticism--seems like he will at least compliment Ware well and get to hoop pretty easily.

Totally agree about Brantley. Three point shooting is key to this offense and won't be a strength next yr (why we need Kentavious and Evan Nolte down the road).

Schedule looks goods. Heady time for UGA bball

Hobnail_Boot said...

I see more than 2 losses there, but not many more.

The key is gonna be learning to win on the road in the SEC. Gotta get 9+ wins in-league to stay on the good side of the bubble.

Richard said...

I've been bitching that my daughter's soccer coach has scheduled her team to play in Orlando over the Thanksgiving weekend. I wasn't looking forward to the trip at all. But, a light bulb went off in my head as I was looking at the schedule. Trip looks better now. Thanks Paul.

mr. sanchez said...

My thoughts are pretty much the same as yours Paul. Great schedule and if we do what we are capable of, a great chance to capitalize on the good feelings around the program right now and get things going strong. I'm a bit more reserved on our potential # of TV games and potential record going into SEC play, some things I just need to see to believe, but all in all, our thoughts are on the same page it seems. Good work and thanks for all the scheduling stuff you and Memphis do.

M-Dawg said...

PWD- Constructive Criticism here, dont think im trying to be a scrotum.

I love the fact that you are as excited about basketball and the direction the program is headed as I am. Hell UGA having a relevant program is going to enrich my life so much, it gives us all something to cheer for in the winter, basketball games are very exciting and are a great escape from everyday life.. love roundball, i really do.. so thank you for covering it as much as you do.

but, i think its time for you to start blogging a little more about football- i think the majority of your audience is starting to get that excited/butterfly feeling.. even if their excitement has been tampered a little this offseason.. its getting that time of year and i think you could take advantage of it.

that being said, just friendly advice, you do a great job.


Football Dude said...

Hey Paul, I know this is off topic, but South Carolina will start selling a 3 game mini pack to the public on 8/10. The mini pack with UGA also has UT and Troy. The Troy tickets look like they aren't worth much, but the UT tickets can be sold to lower the cost of the UGA tickets. Cost is $140 per pack + a few fees. Buy them at There is a big banner to click on.

Anonymous said...


Whats your email address?

I gotta send you something funny!

Ludakit said...


I'm certainly not PWD and I'm posting this on my own accord. If you'll allow me to play devil's advocate, I'll ask you where else can you UGA basketball news at the moment? Seriously, where else on the net can you find anything that isn't UGA football related?

Meanwhile, so many blogs (including the one I write) hash over the same practice reports every day. There's tons of places where you can read the same thing over and over again but written by different people.

I know you meant no harm by what you said and I'm not picking a fight here, but the void PWD fills by posting Bball news is a big one and there's a solid niche for it. I'm sure when there's football news no one else is talking about he'll be all over it. But in the meantime, I say keep the bball posts coming.

Besides, I'm worrying way too much about the Branden Smith thing and could use some non-football news for the moment.

I'm not saying. I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Give me a reason to keep checking your site! Please no more basketball scheduling!

tatee said...

Nice post, great video, thanks

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