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September 13, 2010

Kickoff Time for UGA vs. Mississippi State Announced

The Georgia Bulldogs will kickoff against the Mississippi State Bulldogs at 7:00 pm EST from Starkville.  The game will be telecast on Fox Sports Net (FSN). 

The full TV slate for the Sept. 25th weekend:

12:21 ET, UAB at Tennessee (SEC Network)
3:30 ET, Alabama at Arkansas (CBS)
7:00 ET, Kentucky at Florida (ESPNU)
7:00 ET, Georgia at Miss. State (FSN)
7:30 ET, Fresno State at Ole Miss (CSS)
7:45 ET, South Carolina at Auburn (ESPN)
9:00 ET, West Virginia at LSU (ESPN2)


This week's Georgia vs. Arkansas will kickoff at 12:00 pm EST on ESPN.


Anonymous said...

Odds on Tennessee and Vandy games both being prior to 1:00pm??

Ben said...

Are the Dawgs the best team in America? It sure seems like it today! How quickly we forget 2007...Sugar Bowl Here We Come!!!

Augusta RE said...

Lets hope for a repeat of the 2006 game (last time with Mississippi), a close game with UGA winning in the end.

matt b. said...

I miss the palpable feeling we all had in 2007 knowing that we were playing at peak capacity and no one could stop us.

All of the struggles since then really make you appreciative for that run we went on.

Anonymous said...

Home games early in the day and road games at night. Just the way an idiot would want our schedule. An idiot or someone who doesn't want to see us win.

Fun Pens said...

Are the scheduled times completely determined by TV?

Anonymous said...

The official line of b.s. we get is that TV completely controls everything. The truth is that the schools try to influence game times for the non-CBS and non-ESPN/ESPN2-evening games (everybody wants to play on CBS or ESPN/ESPN2 in the evening). There's a lot of jockeying that goes on for all the other slots.

Unfortunately for us, Adams wants early home games to fight the party school rep (late games contribute to the party atmosphere), so that's what we usually end up with when we don't get picked for CBS or ESPN/ESPN2 in the evening.

Anonymous said...

2007 is all you have to hold on to, so hold it dearly because y'all ain't winning jack this year. It doesn't matter what time your games are, it matter how good of a team you show up with and UGA doesn't have it. Congrats on being the #1 school for alcoholics, something to be proud of I'm sure.

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