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September 10, 2010

Michael Wilbon on AJ Green

He's indignant. I guess I'm fine with the double standard here because the rules are the rules. I just have a major problem with the wildly inconsistent enforcement of the rules.



Hobnail_Boot said...

In unrelated news, the NCAA has announced it is investigating Michael Wilbon.

ColumbiaDawg said...

And people are just talking about the jerseys. What about that EA Sports game? It uses the exact likenesses of the players. Granted, there are no names, but any fan knows that #8 at WR is AJ Green, #11 at QB is Aaron Murray, etc.

And then there are the classic teams that are included in that game.

Who gets the royalties from that game? Certainly not the players?

Scott said...

I disagree with you... Wilbon saying that the rules should be changed. And he's right. Colleges are making a fortune on these players and the players get nothing. Yes, the get the scholarship, but that does not compare with the money generated by television, souvenir, attendance revenues.

Look at your page on the right... there's a #8 red jersey on the page that says it's an "A.J. Green #8 Red UGA Jersey." How much is Green making on that notoriety?

A hundred years ago when I was in school at UGA, I learned about computers and then went out and used it to make money while I was still in school. I would sell my books to the highest bidder after I used them. I did work/study. Heck... I even delivered pizzas! The football players could not do that even if they came from poor backgrounds and their parents couldn't afford to give them an allowance.

Colleges and the NCAA are living the same hypocrisy that we used to accuse the Soviet Union in the Olympics. The hockey team may have been soldiers, but their day job was to practice and play hockey while lining up in uniform every so often to give the illusion of being in the military. The NCAA is not even hiding it behind a thin veneer. The greed is out there for everyone to see and they are not ashamed of it. In fact they are showing the height of their hypocrisy today by allowing the conference re-alignments--all done for money--while going after USC for Reggie Bush, A.J. Green, and North Carolina.

Georgia is just as hypocritical. Look at Saturday's game for an example. Why are they playing a day game in hotter-than-Hades Columbia, South Carolina in the beginning of September? Because ESPN paid off both programs and the SEC for this "honor." At least the water and Powerade is provided gratis for these guys!

If the NCAA rules continue as they do, you will find kids looking to bypass college and go right into the pros. Or you will get the one-and-done situation like in basketball. Maybe if you give them a little money, a stipend, or a cut of the revenues for ancillary sales, like jerseys, maybe we'll see more players stay before running to the pros. Then who know... maybe they'll actually get an education!

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