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September 23, 2010

Nesbitt for Heisman Watch

Some stats to consider as part of the Joshua Nesbitt for Heisman Campaign. For the season, Nesbitt is completing 36% of his passes. That's 8.3 attempts per game and exactly 3.0 completions per game.

On 3rd down:
  • 3rd and 1-3 yards -- 0 for 1
  • 3rd and 4-6 yards -- 1 for 2
  • 3rd and 7-9 yards -- 0 for 1
  • 3rd and 10+ yards -- 2 for 4
For the season, Tech has faced third down 38 times, and they've converted 50% of them. Therefore, no one can completely dismiss what Coach Johnson wants to do in the short term. He's going to run the ball on anything shorter than 3rd and 8. Everyone knows it, and folks are really struggling to stop the very large Nesbitt.

But again, it's the long term that's interesting. It always comes back to the issue of why would any kid in their right mind ever want to play QB or WR for Johnson? Same for offensive tackles and defensive backs (who don't see a competent passing scheme in practice). So what happens when Nesbitt...their Heisman Candidate leaves?

But back to Johnson and Nesbitt. Consider these red zones
  • Inside their own 20 yard line (regardless of down) Nesbitt is 1 for 1 passing.
  • Inside the opponent's 20 yard line regardless of down, Nesbitt is 0-2 passing
All that said...5 of the guy's 9 completions have gone for 25+ yards.

Against UNC, he was 3 of 4 passing for the game for 76 yards and a TD. Outside of the UNC game, he's 6 of 21 for 124 yards with 1 TD and 1 INT against Kansas and SC State.

GT passing nationally rankings....
  • 119th in attempts
  • 120th in completions
  • 120th in percentage
  • 119th in yards
  • 93rd in passing TDs
Only Army passes the ball less effectively. Source: CFBstats

The stats are simply amazing. Where's my Heisman ballot?



JasonC said...

Actually, these stats should be of concern as Nesbitt seems to be more effective on 3rd and Willie.

Anonymous said...

Why would a WR play for Johnson? Well the top WR in the NFL draft came from GT last year and he seems to be having a successful campaign so far as a rookie.

You learn to block. You get one on one coverage all game long. If you are a tall and fast WR I have a hard time thinking why you WOULDN'T want to come to Tech.

Bey Bey was just a three star guy and he ended up being the top WR off the board. Just saying...

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