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September 24, 2010

Preview for Mississippi State

There are tons of previews around. You know why you're not going to get one here? Because the preview only takes one sentence to write.

"Georgia is better than Mississippi State, and Georgia will win if our players give max effort every play."

If our guys pout or loaf their way into Starkganistan, it will be one long ass ride back to Athens. It really can't be much more simple than that.

I'm taking UGA +2. Richt's record as a true* road underdog is ridiculously good. The only game I can think of that he lost as a road dog was Auburn 2004. I can't remember if we were the favorite or not in Baton Rouge 2003. Regardless, those two teams weren't exactly the MSU Bulldogs of 2010.

Is your memory different than mine?


*Meaning not neutral site games.


Ben said...

Is this a good time to jump on the Dawg's bandwagon??? GRANTHAM!!!

Anonymous said...

He lost on the road as an underdog to Oklahoma St last year and South Carolina this year.

Chris S said...

I can deal with losing to good SC and Ark teams, but it's a lot harder to accept being an underdog to Miss St, even in Starkville.

To me, this is a bigger signal of the problems the program has right now than the losses. We've reached a point where we're expected to lose to teams in the bottom half of the SEC, and that's not good.

Paul Westerdawg said...

I'm not sure that you're correct about UGA being a road dog to Ok State or SC.

Augusta said...

We need a momentum shift here with a UGA win. I'm going to say UGA with a win over Miss St 21-17.

Regular Guy said...

PWD, you're the one that posted we were dogs to OK State.

Also, we opened as 2.5 dogs to SC, the line may have moved some, but I'm pretty sure we were still underdogs in that game.

Paul Westerdawg said...

Oh. Thanks for the info.

Will said...

I certainly hope we win, or else the wheels are gonna start coming off =/

Anonymous said...

Either way, the proverbial stat used to be CMR's road record. Period. Now it's his road record as an underdog? F that noise. Is that a sign of the direction our progam is going?

I'm still hopeful we can get things straightened out and finish the year strong. Heck, maybe sc loses 2 and we have a shot at Atl... Don't pinch me.

DawgInVA said...

Line for 2003 UGA/LSU game was LSU -1

Anonymous said...

We suck. Richt run is over. Program is in freefall. The sooner it ends the better.

Regular Guy said...

Record on the road, record on the road as a favorite, record on the road as an underdog, home record, record against unranked teams, record against ranked teams..........everything about Richt's record is steadily getting worse. There are literally no positive trends in this program to hang our hat on anymore. I genuinely wanted Richt to be our coach as long as he wanted to coach, but damn, just damn. I'd like to think that bringing in new coaches on the offensive side of the ball would work, but can you ever remember a head coach having to completely overhaul his staff due to performance, and manage to hang on more than another year or so?

Regular Guy said...

Oh yeah, and don't forget our arrest record, with Mr. Baker's latest contribution.

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