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September 24, 2010

Two MSU Tickets Need a Good Home

I have 2 tickets for the Mississippi State game. They are in Section 311 Row 9. If you're a Dawg fan in Northeast Atlanta and can pick them up before 6 pm, they are yours.

Sold. Thanks.


Sam, Dawg Fan said...

Not sure what to say about the game against MSU.

I know Bobo will take a lot of heat, but I also see Searels as being far more worthy of the heat.

Is the problem Bobo's play calling? I wonder. Maybe he calls a good play and the line does not execute, but then if the line is deficient Bobo needs to make adjustments to play to its strength which at this point eludes me a bit although run blocking does not seem to be it.

UGA is a play action based passing team. If UGA cannot run the ball, the passing game is in trouble.

My proposal is that UGA basically eliminate the run and use the pass to set up the run. I am far more confident that UGA's strength lies in its QB and receiving core (especially with the return of AJ Green and hopefully the neck stinger to Durham meaning no missed playing time).

I watched the game with another UGA fan (one far more pessimistic than I) who was ready to fire Richt. I think Richt gets one more year, but that Bobo and Searels are gone. (I cannot see Searals surviving this debacle---of course maybe the o line just is not that good).

Has a head coach ever survived turning over his entire staff with 2 years as would be the case with firing of the D coaches and the O coaches after this season?

Which begs the question: so who do you hire as the next OC? (Nod to whoever the OC is under Chris Petersen at Boise State).

To compound things--the Braves are also collapsing.

Michael said...

Wow. You were a GENIUS for dumping those tickets.

Anonymous said...

hehe.... best decision of the year

Anonymous said...

Can I have my money back???

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

After sleeping on my comments from above (not retracting, just less alcohol and a good run behind me), I want to add to it. Thanks for letting me get this off my chest.

No firings are going to happen during the season. The key now is for the players and staff to salvage what they can. The coaches will be either coaching to keep their current jobs or to get other jobs. The seniors (a class without an SEC title) will be playing for pride and draft status. So everyone has some reason to play hard and salvage something.

Here is the way I would go:
1) Richt has to take back the play calling duties for a couple of reasons
a) If he is going to lose his job because of a bad offense he should figure that he might as well have more control over his fate.
b) Maybe it would allow for him to get more in tune with Searals and get some fire in the offensive line.

2) The offense is not working. As stated above, I think the strength of this team is throwing and getting Murray into the open field. Of course, maybe the o line cannot pass block either.

On a bigger question: Has Richt lost this team? There is no fire. I thought that the second half/4th quarter pep talk and subsequent play would be a turning point. Maybe losing to Arkansas that way took any wind out of the sails.

The recent SEC slide (2-7 I think) is not a good trend.

I am not a "fire the coach" kind of guy, but if the team continues to play with no fire AND no performance, I am not sure how a change in offensive coaching personnel will give Richt another year. The change in defensive staff has not been a cure for what has ailed the dawgs on that side of the ball.

I was skeptical of the talk that Richt could be in trouble with a new AD, but a new AD and what could be a losing season might be enough to doom Richt.

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