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October 13, 2010

Urban Meyer is a bad guy

Gregg Doyel, CBS Sportsline National Columnist and Florida Gator Alumni, eviscerates Urban Meyer for the reinstatement of Chris Rainey.  Per the article:

Rainey pleaded guilty to misdemeanor stalking after sending the following text message to his girlfriend: "Time to Die B-tch."

Is Chris Rainey back at practice this week if he'd sent that to Meyer's daughter?

We'll never know, and good for that. I don't wish ill will on Meyer or his family, but I do wish the single most visible man at Florida -- my alma mater, if you didn't know -- would stop embarrassing UF grads like me who wonder why he's considered such a strong leader when in reality he's weak. Soft. Pathetic.

Meyer cares only about winning games, and if he'd stand there and tell the world, "I care only about winning games," then I could live with it. I'd still be embarrassed that a dangerous cretin like Chris Rainey was allowed to represent my school so soon after telling a woman that it was time to die, b-tch -- but I could live with Meyer being true to who Meyer is, which is a cutthroat coach concerned not with his players or his university, but with his career winning percentage and the $24 million contract that comes with it.

The article is an interesting read.



Anonymous said...


Man, I wish I could find the article from the year that Tebow won the Heisman in which Meyer basically said that he cared only about the players in that they were the way he made his living.

I have always respected him for saying that in public, but have not been able to find the article since then, which is a shame, because I had to read it about 6 times initially to belive what I had just seen.

Karma is a mofo, and that is catching up with Tennessee for all the crap that they pulled in the '90's. That is why, as bad as it is for the Dawgs right now, that Mark Richt is still the man for the job. Karma will serve him in time.

By the way, Meyer would have no idea if that text had been sent to his daughter, because as they both publically acknowledged in the wake of Meyers faux-heart ailment, he and his daughter have no relationship.

What a sad, sad dude. Guess he will have his crystal footballs to keep him company in hell.

Anonymous said...

The defense in Gainesville is that the girl didn't feel threatened and testified to that. This was the first time the kid had been in trouble. He made a mistake and was charged with a misdemeanor.

I am certainly not a Gator fan, but the hypocrisy I see coming from people on these blogs is maddening. Even Doyel didn't take the time to look into the facts of the case. The kid said something stupid. He didn't actually try to harm anyone. No one felt threatened.

I guess no one who is casting stones in this case has ever said a harsh word to another human in a fit of anger.

Dooms Day Dawg said...

And here comes all of the Dawgs fans praising CMR for being such a great leader of men! What problems would we rather have: CMR's arrest record + lack of NC or Meyer's arrest record + 2 NC's?

Irishdawg said...

Oh good God, Dooms day; are you really comparing the litany of petty offenses Georgia's players have committed to some of what UF's guys have gotten hooked for? And Meyer's got 2 rings so that makes it OK?

Florida had a player fire a damn rifle out a dorm window and he was allowed back on the team. No where outside of Beirut University does that happen. Rainey threatened to kill a girl and was allowed back the same season. I'm fine with how Richt handles his players.

Don't think for second either that if Rainey had been a back up long snapper he wouldn't have been gone forever.

Anonymous said...

Can't help but think Urban wishes he didn't cut Cam Newton loose quite so quickly. Compared to what Rainey did, Newton's offense was quite innocuous. But I suppose Tebow made Newton a bit redundant. Now, they've got Brantley (not 100%). Screw the Gators and everything thing about them.

Ryan said...

Why no, no I haven't gotten so angry at a girl who was "ignoring" me to the point where I drove over to her house and engaged in behavior that could be remotely construed as misdemeanor stalking.

That's not normal behavior and it shouldn't be treated as such. I don't even understand how you could go about attempting to justify the behavior and lack of consequences surrounding the situation.

Barstool69 said...

I don't know if this makes me shallow, but if all my HC has in hell is his crystal balls, I'll be happy. I want an HC, not an effin role model...

Bard Parker said...

Mr. Doyel, welcome to seat 37F

Ginny said...

The idea that the girl didn't "feel" threatened is a piss-poor justification for reinstating him. It doesn't change the fact that he still threatened to kill her. And he was only charged with a misdemeanor because the poor girl begged them to lower the original felony charges. She had been receiving threats from classy Gator fans.

I have been VERY angry at boyfriends and ex-boyfriends before but I have NEVER threatened to take anyone's life. That is not just's unacceptable.

Irishdawg makes the best point. The kid would be off the team if he wasn't their starting receiver. Urban Meyer's desperation is too obvious.

Husky Jeans said...

Is it possible that the reason she testified that she didn't feel threatened because she actually was threatened and is scared of the guy? How many victims of domestic abuse think it's their fault?

My point is that her testimony is a pretty thin argument in favor of reinstating him. There's a lot of psychology behind this sort of behavior.

I don't have all the facts and don't pretend to--but the timing of him showing back up at practice is just funny, in light of their recent losses.

Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

C'mon, y'all, this is screwing up the talking point that Mark Richt has lost control of his program by merely suspending key players guilty of traffic violations.

For those of you who want your college football HC to be only a "winner" and not a role model or educator, please direct your fandom to the NFL down the hall.

I would like to see the Dawgs win as much as anyone, but I want to see them do it the right way.

VAdawg said...

I can't believe randy Shannon has only had one arrest in 4 years at Miami. That's impressive. Damn impressive. Good for him and the Canes.

Anonymous said...

Barstool...yeah, it makes you shallow. I can think of other words, but right now I will take yours. Shallow.

Dooms Day Dawg said...

IrishDawg...I was not suggesting that CMR and CUM (that still makes my laugh) are dealing with similar situations. They ARE dealing with roughly the same number of offenses. They only difference is that CUM has 2 national titles. CMR has zero. Heck, he has not sniffed one yet. Pick your poison. Alter boy HC or NC winning HC?

Irishdawg said...

Easy pick. Richt is a class act that has been a couple of lucky breaks away from having a NC; he's been successful(#2 and #3 rankings and 2 SEC titles) while still being a good guy, and arrests of his players have been by and large petty, chickenshit offenses. Urban Meyer is a bloodless coach-bot that would eat an orphan on ESPN for a national title and he's a world class dick. Meyer has let players back on the team who have done things Richt would have dropped kicked them to Mars for doing.

Hunkering Hank said...

The reinstatement of this thug predator COULD be career suicide for Meyer. What if he victimizes another woman? I'm referring to the thug, not Meyer's relationship with his daughter.

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