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November 22, 2010

Hoops: Enormous Week for Dawgs

I was looking for a video that showcased the end of UGA's win at Saint Louis, but I can't find anything. However, I can direct you to a first hand recap of the game from Bulldog in Exile who was in attendance. Apparently, Georgia got off to a lackluster start from an intensity standpoint, but snapped out of it before it was too late.

My top two concerns for this season are:
    1. Developing the mental toughness to win on the road. This is a skill set that needs to be developed totally from scratch as UGA was 1-19 away from Athens over the prior two seasons. In fact, Georgia hasn't won more than two SEC regular season road games in a single season since the 2002-2003 season...Jim Harrick's last in Athens. That group went 4-4 on the road in SEC play. That's why Saturday's win was so huge from a momentum standpoint.

    2. Staying healthy. We're already struggling here with Trey's ankle injury and now Connor Nolte's broken nose. It looks like Trey won't play this weekend in Orlando and Connor will need nose surgery when the team returns from Orlando.
Speaking of Orlando:
The bracket for the Old Spice Tournament can be found here. The TV Schedule is:
    Game 1 vs. Notre Dame: Thanksgiving Night 7:00 pm ESPN2

    If we win Game 1:
    Game 2 vs. Cal or Temple: Friday at 5:00 pm on ESPN2

    If we lose Game 1:
    Game 2 vs. Cal or Temple: Friday at 7:30 on ESPNU

    Game 3 on Sunday depends on what happens in the earlier games with two of the three scenarios televised on ESPN2 or ESPNU.
Three of's top basketball analysts/writers have Georgia winning this tourney even without Trey Thompkins. In fact, Fran Fraschilla goes as far as to say don't be surprised "if Georgia's Gerald Robinson Jr. is the MVP of this tournament. The Tennessee State transfer has given Mark Fox another scoring option this season, and he could have a breakout performance here." (See bottom of page)



Anonymous said...

is it just me, or is ESPN putting a little too much faith in the Dawgs without Trey?

Doug said...

Looking forward to seeing the guys in person on Friday. Will be the first time seeing the team in about 9 years.

Will said...

That 2nd game is rough, either way. Can't watch at 5 and most definitely not at 7:30. I appreciate the info on the times, though, as I'll make 7:00PM Thursday a priority! GO DAWGS!

Billy Merck said...

I am also a bulldog in exile in Kansas City who jumped over to St. Louis for both the UGA game and the Falcons on Sunday. It was a Georgia sweep! It was indeed a terrible start, but some awesomely intense defense and nice inside offense for the final 3/4 of the game.

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