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November 22, 2010

Source of Confidence: UGA's Offense

I'll make this pretty brief. Georgia Tech has positively no one on their roster who can cover AJ Green. Not in single coverage and likely not in double coverage. Al Groh's only hope of
stopping Georgia on Saturday is:
A. Clog the running lanes on 1st and 2nd downs. Pummel Murray on 3rd and long and knock him out of the game.

B. Hope that Bobo stops calling plays that work.

I don't think Tech can stop UGA's offense if Murray stays upright. Only Mike Bobo and Mark Richt can stop it. If they go into this game with some pursuit of balance for balance's sake as often happens, we'll predictably run into issues. Or if Bobo stops calling plays that work, we'll predictably run into issues.

Last year, Bobo ignored his demons until the last 3rd down call of the game and pounded GT with run after run after run after run. Why? Because it was working. I personally think the answer this year will be throw it deep, then deeper still and then deeper again.

Statistically, GT has a better pass defense than run defense, but that's partially because they haven't faced very many competent passing offenses. The NC State group was probably the best unit they've seen, and NCSU went for 368 yards through the air.

If we don't try and outsmart ourselves and don't turn it over, we should win.

The next posts are the flip side of this post....My 2 concerns.



Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure we haven't seen our final cheap shots of the season.

Anonymous said...

The first thought that crept in my mind when I read that pass-pass-pass game plan was this:

We will absolutely leave our defense out to dry if the offense takes a few 3 and outs without burning any time off the clock. Their O is predicated on TOP and incompletions would mean more defensive snaps and a gassed D by the 4th qtr.

That said, I agree those incompletions would be more self-inflicted than their DBs stopping us.

Unrelated note - when you watch Iowa, does anyone else wish that Orson could take it to that McNutt level?

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