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November 23, 2010

Source of Concern: UGA's Toughness

When you rock the "I Run This State" body paint and eye patches, the other team typically doesn't forget it. Much like celebrating in an end don't just have to back that up for one year. It's something you have to back up year after year after year.

I loved the confidence last year...I just hope the team realizes they have to live up to that swagger this year, too. Because I can assure you Tech hasn't forgotten.



Newt said...

For some reason, I never worry about us being physical against tech. Being overly aggressive defensively and caught out of position? Yes. Being physical enough? No.

chris said...

We ran this state b/c Tech's offensive line and Dline is undersized. Beating Tech is not indicative of a good team. We will again... who cares?? We are still not a good team.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the Tech game - not the best game to win...but the worst one to lose.

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