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March 21, 2011

Dawgs land 2011 Hoops Commit

Coach Fox landed his fourth commitment for the upcoming 2011-2012 season as Nemanja Djurisic (6'8" and 235 lbs) committed to the Bulldogs. Djurisic will sign in April.

Djurisic is from Connecticut by way of Montenegro, a small country located between Bosnia, Serbia and Albania. He speaks fluent Serbian and English while averaging 15 points and 10 rebounds a game in high school according to Chip Towers.

The kid claims offers from NC State, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Utah and possibly Texas...which means Fox was in the right living room. He's described as a skilled European big man who can play inside and out.

More to the point, this is what interested me. Last summer, he played with the Montenegro U-18 team in the European Championships. His team wasn't very good, but his stat line isn't too shabby across 8 games:
  • 24.1 minutes / game
  • 14.1 points / game
  • 7.0 rebounds / game
  • 54.5% on 3 pointers
  • 66.7% on FTs
Is he Trey Thompkins? Probably not. Is he Drazen Zlovaric? Probably not. Somewhere in between.

Not every recruit needs to be a lottery pick, but they all need to contribute. The 2003 team that was pulled from the NCAA tourney in Harrick's last season had an RPI of 5 before the NCAA Tourney. That team had:
    1 Lottery Pick (Jarvis)
    1 2nd Round Pick (Rashad)
    1 Undrafted Free Agent with a solid NBA career (Damien)
    1 2nd Team All-SEC player (Ezra)
Then it complemented those guys with Daniels, Thomas and Jonas. Everyone needs to contribute, and this kid sounds like he can contribute. Heaven knows, we have playing time at the PF and C positions with or without Trey's return.

As for the prime time guys like Caldwell-Pope..from what I've been reading I like our chances with Evan Nolte (SF), Jordan Adams (SG/SF) and Jarmal Reid (SF/PF). That's two guys with brothers on the team and another guy (Adams) who was deciding between us and a UT program that's about to lose their coach. If we add Shaq Goodwin (PF) and another big man to that mix, I'll be thrilled.

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Anonymous said...

Are you talking about 2011, how many people can we take this year, we already have 4?

RC said...

All the bigs in the world won't amount to a hill of beans if you don't have somebody who can handle (and protect!) the ball and get it into those big men's hands.

We need a stud PG in the worst possible way. I can't believe this hasn't been more of a discussion point. Maybe Kevin Ware will fall into our laps, much like Thornton did.

Hunkering Hank said...

Amen RC, watching Trey bring the ball up the court the last two games against Bama and in the NCAA tournament was just awful. He (or somebody) has to have his big self under the basket for the offense to work. Can't set it up ten feet past the timeline.

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