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March 14, 2011

Dear Bama fans

I know you're pissed about being left out. But don't point your anger this way. And honestly...why get mad at UAB? Your anger should be pointed at Anthony Grant. How did he not have you ready to play in Puerto Rico? The loss to 11 win Iowa probably cost you 15 RPI points, and the loss to St. Peter's probably cost you another 10-15 RPI spots.

It just goes to show you. St. Peter doesn't just guard the entrance to the Pearly Gates. He also watches over Bracketville.



Anonymous said...

Also... Please Don't poison our trees on North Campus! That would be wrong... and bad.

Hobnail_Boot said...

Ronald Steele traveled.

You know what they say about karma.

Anonymous said...

Alabama and Anthony Grant know what the NCAA selection committee
wants. It rewards teams with good schedules, including OOC schedules.
Anthony Grant has control over his OOC and he blew it.

Alabama lost the following OOC games:

Bad Providence team (RPI 154)
Bad Iowa team ( RPI 186)
Not good Seton Hall team (RPI 102)
It lost to Arkansas (RPI 128)

That is FOUR, count them, FOUR losses to teams with RPI over 100!

It lost to St. Peter's (RPI 93)
It lost to Mississippi (RPI 83)
It lost to Oklahoma State (RPI 61)

Alabama's Out of Conference wins were unimpressive

Florida A & M (RPI 329)
Troy (RPI 266)
Alabama A & M (RPI 308)
South Alabama (RPI 277)
SE Louisiana (RPI 226)
Lipscomb (RPI 132)
Pepperdine (RPI 243)
Toledo (RPI 338)

win Alabama had against a team with a RPI lower than 226.

Alabama played 4 OOC teams with RPI in the 100-199 range and was 1-3
against those teams.

Alabama played 6 OOC teams with RPI in the 61-199 range as was 1-5
against those teams.

Alabama knew that the Committee looks at the overall schedule and it
elected to stage an Alabama state tournament, ducking the best team in
Alabama, namely UAB. The committee knew that Anthony Grant did not
have his team ready to beat the OOC teams they did schedule. Congrats
to Alabama for beating us twice, UT and UK. The Committee has said
that the NCAA isn't a conference tournament, it is a national
tournament. Mississippi State was 2nd seed in the West and beat UF and
UT, but it had an RPI of 119. No one is seriously playing the "beat an
NCAA 2nd seed and NCAA 9th seed head to head so it should be in card."
Alabama knows that, did not schedule for it, and was not ready to
whip on the creampuffs it did schedule.

Yellowhammers shouldn't glare at the committee they should glare at
Anthony Grant.

Anonymous said...

Watch out dude. Those people will poison your damn trees.

todd said...

How many times do we have to see and hear teams whine and complain about not getting in when their OOC stinks to high heaven? At this point its not a shock.

Alabama put all of their OOC eggs in one basket with the Puerto Rico tournament and then showed up not ready to play and got beat by, not one but TWO, RPI sucking teams!

There is one person and one person only to blame for Bama's exclusion in the tournament and that person is Anthony Grant....someone that should've known better.

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