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March 14, 2011

We're In!

For only the second time in the past 9 seasons, Georgia fans were able to watch the March Madness selection show with genuine intrigue. Personally, I felt like we had about 40-50% chance of getting into the Dance with the most likely destination being Dayton.

Mostly, because I felt the tourney committee would look at Bama's resume and say "No way they belong." And keep us out of the tourney along with Bama to justify the Tide being omitted.

Not only did we make it in a as a 10 seed...but we're one of the higher rated 10 seeds if proximity to home has any bearing on the situation.

That said. We're in. Now, we have to prove that we belong. I like our chances in Round 1. The match-up in Round 2 is obviously brutal, and the ticket situation will be one of the toughest of any location. But remember...all the Duke fans holding tickets are pulling for us.

More thoughts later. Last night was mainly spent walking around in a daze.

Oh...and Dear Coach Fox...all is forgiven on the Bama implosion. We're in and that's all that matters. Even if we had beaten Bama, our chances in this tourney wouldn't be dramatically better as an 8 or 9 seed.

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stick jackson said...

Two years ago, when were firing up our Google machines to answer the question "Mark Who?" this outcome would have seemed wildly optimistic. Way to go, Coach Fox and team.

With recruiting seemingly on the upswing the future is bright -- not so much that you gotta wear shades, but maybe squint a good bit. UGA hoops will always be a matter of steps forward and then (one hopes) a smaller number of steps back. But Coach Fox is getting us there.

Anonymous said...

You like the matchup with UW? Maybe I'm missing something, but they're guard play/ability to shoot the 3 doesn't appear to be a good matchup for me. I think we'll need to have a couple of players (thinking Trey and Travis) have very good offensive production to win that game.

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