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March 10, 2011

Victory and Bubble Watching

Good solid win by the Georgia Bulldogs today. Some stats of interest from the box score:
  • Assists/Turnovers - Only 7 turnovers to 13 assists. It's tough to lose with numbers like that. In fact, any game where Gerald Robinson has 6 assists and 1 turnover is a good game.
  • Rebounding - Georgia out rebounded Auburn 36 to 22. I actually counted three separate offensive rebounds off Georgia free throws.
  • Minutes Played - The minute totals look a little high for such a blowout with Trey, Dustin, Travis and Gerald all cracking the 31 minute mark. However, it's helpful to remember that the last 10 minutes of that game were played at a pretty mellow pace. We're about as fresh as we can be given our situation. Price should be particularly fresh given his foul troubles and only 22 minutes played.
  • Free Throws - I love that we got to the line enough to shoot 31 free throws, but we can't leave 9 points in miss freebies at the line against better teams. 71% isn't awful, but it's not good enough.
As for the bubble looks like Colorado is likely in the tourney after their big upset of Kansas State today. At this point, we need them to win as many as possible. Their RPI was 67th before their win against KSU (RPI: 18) That may be enough to get them into the dance. If they could some how pull off a miracle tomorrow against Kansas, I think we'd have another Top 50 RPI win on the books from our home game against the Buffs earlier in the season. Unlikely, but...

Around the nation, some games that would help us out:
  • Michigan State vs. Iowa - At the half, they were only up by 2 at the half over a rancid Iowa team. A loss would soften the bubble for us and knock Sparty out of the bracket.
  • Virginia Tech vs. GT - a part of me hopes GT wins to knock Va Tech out of the dance and to prolong their nightmare with Hewitt. Either way, UGA wins.
  • Washington State vs. Washington - Lunardi has WSU on the bubble while Jerry Palm doesn't. A WSU win over UW would put pressure on the bubble for us.
  • Clemson vs. Boston College (tomorrow) - I feel like BC is already in the tourney. Both Lunardi and Palm have Clemson as a 12 seed as of this morning. With an RPI around 61, a loss to BC should get them off our bubble. A win could be a problem for us.
Don't get me wrong. I want to win tomorrow vs. Bama and end all doubt. But I'm not sure what we're in without some help if we lose to the Tide.

Simple answer -- keep winning.



Fishwater Dawg said...

Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, I think the Hoop Dawgs are in the Big Dance; however, a win would keep the us out of the dreaded play-in game.

Pl0we said...

Beat Bama

Hunkering Hank said...

Georgia basketball can't finish a hiccup.

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