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May 10, 2011

Running Someone Else's State

There's a famous old saying.  "The best part of hitting yourself in the head with a hammer is the moment you stop."  I'm pretty sure Mark Richt felt that way yesterday after Ealey's departure.

There were brilliant moments like the 2009 Georgia Tech game and the 2010 Kentucky game, but the rest of the story is mostly one of blown chances both for himself and his teammates.

Ealey finishes his two years in Athens with 282 carries for 1528 yards and 14 rushing touchdowns.  Those aren't terrible numbers for a 21 game career until you realize that 665 of those yards and 10 of those TDs came in 5 games against teams who couldn't play a lick of run defense (GT, GT, UK, Vandy and Tenn Tech).

Rather than have anyone make the excuse that he was sharing carries too much...consider that Caleb didn't play in 8 of Ealey's games, and Caleb pulled 10 or less carries in 8 more games.  In 16 of the 21 games that Ealey suited up, Caleb got the normal amount of carries given to a second string tailback.

If either Ealey or Caleb King had stepped up at ANY point in their careers at Georgia, the other one would've been dismissed a long time ago.

Where to now?  Mark Richt is all in with Isaiah Crowell and Ken Malcome because there's no guarantee that Caleb King won't do something galactically stupid before Game 13.



ColumbiaDawg said...

Considering that he brought his own failures on himself, saying he wanted to be a premier back was not the smartest thing for Ealey to say.

If that's all he cares about, then Georgia is better off with him leaving. Maybe that is what Christian Robinson was talking about when he was referring to cancers on the team. It's definitely what Aaron Murray was talking about when it came to certain players feeling entitled.

Anonymous said...

"...because there's no guarantee that Caleb King won't do something galactically stupid before Game 13."

You mean, like being declared academically ineligible?

Anonymous said...


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