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May 15, 2011


Update: He will be posting under the username Tyler Dawgden.

If all goes well, I'll soon be adding a new writer for the site. He's a long time reader and participant in the online Bulldog conversation, and he'll start posting in the next few weeks.

Just wanted to let you guys know.

The site has really changed over the past 5+ years and 10+ million page views. A new writer is just one more step in the evolution of our online presence. Quinton, Dawgnoxious and I will continue to post very sporadically.



Wookie said...

Hopefully it will give you some more time to concoct some new mixes.


Paul Westerdawg said...

I'm receptive to that. It's just tough finding great moments worth mixing the past since the '07 season.

Then getting them in high enough quality that it doesn't sound like crap.

Kit Kitchens has done several that are really good. Contact him and he may be able to hook you up.

I really like his Kanye "Stronger" mix. And I don't even like Kanye.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear new talent is being added but I hope you post more often than sporadically. Enjoy reading PWD.

MaconDawg said...

I've always wondered what Kige would say if he wrote for a Bulldog site. J/k, looking forward to the news.

Sports News Eye said...

Oww 5+ years and 10,000,000 million or more page views :O

Anonymous said...

Good move PWD.....add a little quantity to the quality.

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