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June 13, 2011

Lord, please let us beat South Carolina

I don't actively engage in smack talk until I have had a couple of drinks.  For one, I am the type that doesn't get rolling unless I've had my mind freed from things like manners and convention. I think of the funny one liners, but my self-muzzle won't let me say them.  For two, I'm a funny dude when I've had a drink or two. Just ask my ex-wife.

Another thing about smack talk, it is hard to feel be entitled to the smack talk perch after a 6-7 season.  Call me old school, but by my view, smack talk by those that aren't winning is usually only seen from NBA and Tech fans. As a rule, I keep a low profile unless Georgia is winning, or I've had a few drinks. 

However, I am about to break my rule, since I read the most awesomely hyperbolicly awesome thing ever about South Carolina's upcoming football season (h/t Blutarski). Apparently, back to back beatdowns in the Georgia Dome does nothing to curb the enthusiasm of the Gamecock faithful. South Carolina talks about winning four championships a season: the state championship (against Clemson), the SEC East, the SEC, and the National Championship.  For those keeping score at home, they are 39 of 108 in the state championship, 1 for 18 at SEC East titles and 0 for everything else at the other two.  In fact, in South Carolina's two 'championship' seasons, the 1969 ACC title year and 2010, they were a three loss team headed into the post season. They are 0-3 in the post season in those 'championship' years.

There is no doubt South Carolina is a favorite to win the SEC East, but if it does, it'll be as much because of the suckitude of the rest of the division as it will be due to the 'Cocks having the "scariest offense in the nation."

Dude. Really?

When South Carolina accomplishes more than beating Georgia and Florida in the same season, then it might be time to crow.  Until then, winning the state championship and SEC East might make you hungry, but it won't make you accustomed to championships.  Perhaps Gamecock fans should hope the standard being raised is winning a game, any game, in Atlanta before dreaming of more.



The 31st Floor said...

South Carolina, the Gwinnett County of the SEC

Richard said...

I live in SC and I had a Gamecock buddy of me looked a me straight-faced the other day and told me that the Gamecocks were going undefeated this year. I asked him to name me a TE, OL, and LB on their team that would strike fear or even concern to an SEC opponent. Subject changed pretty quickly.

Dooms Day Dawg said...

While I do not believe the Cocks to be world beaters, we (as Dawg fans) have zero to crow about. When was the last time the Dawgs beat the Vols, Gaytors, and Tigers/War Eagles/Plainsmen in the same season. This program has a long way to go before I begin to talk any smack.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate you.

Tyler Dawgden said...

So Dooms Day, you haven't bragged on Georgia football since 1981?

Lewis G. said...

Tell it all, brother. Tell it all!

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