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June 14, 2011

Three Diamond Dawgs Sign Pro Contracts

Nothing too crazy.  Chase Davidson and Cecil Tanner both were drafted out of high school, so the likelihood of their draft stock going way up as seniors is fairly low.  Both were drafted later, but with the way the baseball draft works, going out as a junior makes sense unless there is a significant chance you will put up a huge year, or you really want to finish your degree and play for the CWS.  Teams know you have no options once your college eligibility is finished, so senior ballplayers oftentimes will fall later or not be drafted at all.

As for Ben Cornwell, I was looking forward to seeing him next year after his performance in Corvallis.  That very performance probably got him the free agent contract from the Mariners.  He has already earned his degree, so staying for glory was about all he had left.  He'll report next week to some place in low A ball.

Good luck to all three in the pros.

Matt Taylor, a lefty pitcher that had signed with the Dawgs, decided to go pro after being drafted in the fifth round by the Orioles.  To date, he is the only signee to do so, but I wouldn't put money on him being the only one that does.

Final date to sign a contract is August 15th.

Current Georgia Bulldogs In the 2011 MLB Draft
Zach Cone, OF, Texas, 1st Round Compensation, 37th overall
Cecil Tanner, RHP, Oakland, 23rd Round, 706th overall
Michael Palazzone, RHP, 24th Round, 731st overall
Johnathan Taylor, OF, Texas, 33rd Round, 1,014th overall
Tyler Maloof, RHP, Cleveland, 34th Round, 1,028th overall
Peter Verdin, OF, Washington, 39th Round, 1,177th overall
Chase Davidson, OF, Houston, 41st Round, 1,240th overall

2011 Bulldog Recruiting Class
Dante Bichette, Jr., INF, N.Y. Yankees, 1st Round Compensation, 51st overall
Tyler Palmer, INF, Florida, 4th Round, 133rd overall
Patrick Leonard, INF, Kansas City, 5th Round, 156th overall
Matthew Taylor, LHP, Baltimore, 5th Round, 155th overall
Nick Delmonico, C/INF, Baltimore, 6th Round, 185th overall
Tyler Greene, INF, Philadelphia, 11th Round, 361st overall
Jarrett Brown, LHP, Boston, 23rd Round, 712th overall
Mike Mancuso, RHP, Chicago White Sox, 46th Round, 1,401st overall
David Sosebee, RHP, Boston, 48th Round, 1,462nd overall
Hunter Cole, OF, Washington, 49th Round, 1,477th overall
Heath Holder, OF/RHP, Colorado, 50th Round, 1,518th overall


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