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July 29, 2011

The Curious Case of the SEC East

"In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."
- John Skelton (1522 A.D.)

I've finally come to grips with the fact that right now the Gamecocks are the one-eyed man of the SEC East. In a league full of deeply flawed teams, the chickens shockingly appear as the most complete unit. Although, that hardly makes them world beaters.

Everyone points to Garcia as the biggest weakness for SC. The theory being, he's always one good bender away from spending the night in The Newark of the South Columbia jail. However, history shows that Johnny Fun Time QBs with a penchant for finding the head coach's doghouse have been known to pull it together for their senior years.

See Bobo, Mike. Remember what he was like as a college student before his senior year? In 1996, he was routinely on the fringe of doing something dumb, and always good for a turnover...or 6 if you're in Lexington. The first half of the AU game in '96 Donnan benched him in favor of a one armed walk-on rather than look at him. One year later, he was the model of efficiency.

Granted, Mike never had the arrest recordGarcia had. Not even remotely close, but at some point self interest in one's future can trump one's self destructive tendencies. That's why I'm going to have to pick the Chickens as SEC East champs.

I will say that UGA could win the SEC East, and it wouldn't shock me. But our issues along the offensive line the past few years combined with the intestinal problems (GOOGLE TRANSLATE: Did You Mean "Guts") lead me incapable of picking us #1.

I'm going...
    1. SC
    2. UGA
    3. UF
    4. UT
    5. UK
    6. Vandy
In the spirit of wrapping up my initial metaphor...Let's hope we find our eye balls. Those being the GATA spirit of 2001-2005 and our ability to Finish the Drill. If so, our two eyed team would definitely trump the one eyed man in Columbia.



Clem said...

Take a look at the returning players on this year's roster, and ask yourself how many you've heard of. By heard of, I mean how many have gotten a first half snap at the position they'll be playing this fall. The number I keep getting to is somewhere in the low 40s, of which four are special teams, and a few others (Bean, Samuel) have been moved around. If everyone on the Dream Team came in and contributed this year, our roster only goes to the mid 60s.

We have a depth issue the likes of which Athens has NEVER seen.

That will be Richt's undoing if there are injuries this year, and that's why I could see us as low as 6th in the East. That said, the talent is there to win not just the division, but the league.

Maddeningly frustrating...

Anonymous said...

The intelligence behind Bobo's behavior while at UGA is not a testament for his being the offensive play-caller

castleberry said...

I've always been mystified by Garcia. How is it that he plays so well against Georgia and then puts up total crap against other schools? Are they doing something different to get to him? Does he still have his focus early in the season?

I'd like to at least see us gamble and get a few good hits on him early. I know he's tough, but I'd rather him have that in the back of his mind...

Carlton said...

Clem should change his name to Negative Nancy.

Clem said...

Hey Carlton,

How many positions do we go legitimately 3 deep at?

How many practices have we had in pads yet?

How many injuries do we sustain in a normal year (not 2003)?

How many true freshman make significant impacts in the SEC?

How many SEC championship teams can you name that started more than four tru freshmen?

I'm not trying to be negative. As I said, th TALENT is there, but there's hardly enough depth anywhere bu tight end to have a full contact scrimmage.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon @ 3:59:

I see Justin Houston on your list. I also see that he is now in the NFL. Yes he isn't here, but how is that UGA's fault?

This is the same post that some tool named "BuLLdawg" posts on other message boards.

Dude, a lot of blame can be laid at UGA coaches for the state of our football team. But losing a guy to the NFL? How is that a negative attributable to anyone at UGA?


Paul Westerdawg said...

Anon @ 11:23 AM.

BuLLdawg isn't allowed to post on this site. His post has been deleted.

I can put up with a lot of stuff. But I can't tolerate a complete moron.


Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the days when I as a true Gamecock, prayed for a team that played, and had the heart and desire that UGA once had? IMHO...I think we now have it and sadly the DAWGS are losing it QUICKLY. UGA will always have an abundance of talent, but as seen here, the coaching staff as a WHOLE is not up to the standards you guys desirve. Is Richt the answer in Athens? Not in my opinion.

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