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August 5, 2011

Another 2011 Season Preview Video

I liked this one because it's a bit more realistic.

Although, I don't see why every college football video has to be the soundtrack to something out of a Harry Potter vs. Braveheart fight scene.

I personally think the "Fix You" video from the Gators (and later copied by the Gamecocks...or vice versa) in 2005 or so was the best preseason video for being just do damn dark.


JBJ said...

You aren't going to see Justin Houston or AJ Green making plays like that this year. After the exodus of talent to NFL and otherwise, I just don't see the team making big strides. I am getting comfortable as a mid to lower tier SEC team that goes to a crap bowl year in and year out.

The coaches can only go so far with the kids. The heart of the team resides in the players. They have to not only believe in themselves but also have the fire to push and fight for that last yard. When their mind says stop, their heart has to say go. Anyone can be average. Who wants to be great?

Hopefully the 2011 Georgia football team.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one who gets enraged at the sight of Ealey?

Anonymous said...

I like the music and the clips but half the highlights are of AJ and Houston. They aren't gonna help us much this year.

los angeles sparks said...

I have seen the preview video clip of 2011 and it was awesome and the music was great and touching to my heart specially.

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