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August 5, 2011

ESPN College Gameday Site Projections

I think "guesses" is a better word, but here goes.

Week 1: Oregon vs. LSU
Preseason #3 vs. #4 in a neutral site contest at Jerry World. Biggest no brainer ever. Update: Confirmed.

Week 2: Notre Dame at Michigan
Rumors suggest that Ann Arbor is the target (Now confirmed) . is honoring Desmond Howard and the game is already marked on the ESPN tentative calendar. Personally, I'd send the crew to Happy Valley as PSU (#25) hosts #2 Bama. Both are ABC/ESPN games. Updated: Confirmed.

Week 3: Oklahoma at Florida State
Preseason #1 vs. #5. This is a no brainer. Update: Confirmed.

Week 4: Missouri at Oklahoma
This is wide open. Alabama hosts Arkansas, but that game is a near lock for CBS. I'm going to go with preseason #1 Oklahoma hosting #21 Missouri. Downside to this guess would be the back to back appearances by OU. Also, the lack of an SEC home game to this point makes a trip to Tuscaloosa a strong possibility as well.

Week 5: Nebraska at Wisconsin
Nebraska's first Big 10 game looks like the leading candidate. Bama at Florida would be a solid guess except it looks slated for a CBS primetime slot. I don't see Disney promoting counter programing.

Week 6: Miami at Va Tech (?)
If Cheaty McSweatervest and Pryor were still at Ohio State, I would've said Ohio State's first visit to Nebraska would be the choice here. But this could be UF at LSU, Auburn at Arkansas, Texas vs. Oklahoma, or Miami at Va. Tech. I like the Hokie's here, but it's just a shot in the dark.

Week 7: Oklahoma State at Texas
I could also see Michigan at Michigan State due to weak scheduling both Sparty and UM could both be staring at 1 loss or less entering into this game. Arizona State at Oregon could factor into the mix, but it seems less likely. I'm also doubtful that Auburn at Florida will have much sizzle by Week 7 as both teams could have 2 losses by then.

Week 8: Wisconsin at Michigan State
The slate is really weak for this one. USC at Notre Dame will air on NBC so it's likely out and Oklahoma State vs. Missouri has zero national appeal. Auburn at LSU is another candidate.

Week 9: Stanford at USC
Another less than stellar group to choose from. Texas A&M hosting Missouri will be an intriguing destination for them as well. If UGA makes it through the first two games undefeated, another Cocktail Party visit isn't out of the question.

Week 10: LSU at Alabama
This should be the biggest game of the week. If either team falters, then Arkansas at South Carolina could also be a big deal nationally.

Week 11: TCU at Boise
The best game of the day will could end up being Stanford at Oregon, but I think ESPN is going to want to promote this one instead. Especially if BSU takes down UGA in Week 1. Other big games for the weekend include Miami at Florida State and Nebraska at Penn State.

Week 12: USC at Oregon
Mainly because I think Oregon is getting screwed out of hosting ESPN the week before. Oh..and this week sucks.

Week 13: Alabama at Auburn
Past two national champs going at it in the Sanctions Bowl. Realistically, ESPN could end up at any rivalry game this weekend. FSU at UF, ND at Stanford,

When I look at that slate in all at once, it looks lite on SEC home games. That probably helps Alabama hosting Arkansas in Week 4.

What are your thoughts?



Tyler Dawgden said...

ESPN will find some esoteric Slippery Rock at Duquesne kind of thing late in the season. Harvard/Yale is Week 12, for example.

Also, if Ohio State and Nebraska have any kind of pulse, I think they will be there instead of at Wisconsin the week before.

Hard to argue with the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

Gameday will pretty much go to whichever game Herbstreit will be broadcasting unless ESPN decides to something like described above (Lehigh/Lafayette, Rutgers/Princeton, Harvard/Yale) or #1 vs #2,3,4 or 5 is going to played & it is not going to be broadcast on the ESPN family of networks.

Irwin R. Flecther said...

First game under the lights at the Big House is a mortal lock. Agree that Bama-PSU may be more of a game...but the Mich-ND game will be more of an event, which is exactly what the WWL is looking for.

Assuming Alabama beats PSU, that Ark-Bama game will feature two top 10 teams...4 teams in the top 10 play each other, Carolina, Boise, and LSU all have tough games prior to that week (let's hope they do at least)...I think that is as close to a lock as anything. ESPN loves T-Town, plus they want the 'first big game after the tornado slant'

gamecock man said...

I know ESPN wouldn't bite, but if UGA beats Boise in week one, then USC at UGA will be a matchup of Top 15 teams.

Anonymous said...

Gameday is crap.

bnwdog said...

Whatever they do, just tell them to stay the hell away from Athens, GA. We are gameday cursed!

Sam, Dawg Fan said...

For anyone who knows any thing about college football history, Harvard-Yale should get a visit one day. Saw a game at Harvard once (was in town with a Sat afternoon free). Very different vibe... (It was not the Yale game--Dartmouth I think).

Anonymous said...

Only reason they're going to ND/Mich is because it will be the first night game ever at the big quiet house

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