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August 30, 2011

Depth Chart Update

I noticed the Depth Chart changed this morning, reflecting the updated status as the team prepares for Boise.

Interesting points:
  • Samuel starting over Crowell.  Just interesting, not surprising. 
  • Geathers starting over Jenkins.  Ditto.  Jenkins has been injured and is getting up to speed.  Geathers has been leading since spring and never ceded the position.  Like I said, expect to see the two of them together.
  • Rambo second string, but Sanders Commings is the backup CB on both sides. I haven't gotten into the 'he's suspended, he's on the way out' stuff because it would only be speculation, at best.  It is important to note there is no one after Rambo on the chart (the pdf chart has Sanders as backup on one side only, but still no third string FS).
  • Figgins and Ogletree as co-starters at FB.  Probably too early to tell if Figgins can go.
  • Watts Dantzler as the back up RT.  Kid had a good camp.
  • Branden and Brandon as co-punt returners.  I guess the same could be said of kick returns, but this probably speaks to the continuing unease about Branden's foot.
Anything else jump off the page to you?

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Anonymous said...

How about parker welch at third string qb?

Tyler Dawgden said...

Actually, I did notice that. I think LeMay is headed for a shirt unless we get down to the third guy. Then we'll see how much that chart is right beyond the two deep.

ben said...

Israel Troupe...heh??
Chase Vasser over Strip...heh??

Anonymous said...

Bout time they put Rambo on the bench. the guy played so lazy at times last year. maybe this will make him play to his potential.

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