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August 29, 2011

Preparations for Boise: Review of Camp

Almost a month ago, I laid out nine things I wanted to see that would make me feel good about the time spent at camp.  So, how'd it go?
  • Kwame Gathers pushing John Jenkins for playing time - I'd score this a win.  Not only are they pushing each other, Kwame will start.  Jenkins has been hurt, so that has slowed his progression down, but look for both of them to get on the field together.  A lot. 
  • Tackling to the ground - Win.  Guys are getting dinged up, but so far, Richt still has them going live.  Good.
  • No discussion about blocking schemes in the backfield - We've had a little chatter about blocking, but instead of talking about how player X is ahead because he is a better blocker, we are hearing how players are pushing each other in different ways. It might be lip service, but at least it is better than flat out acknowledgment that if one player is in, we're probably running a certain type of play.
  • More fullback involvement in the offensive scheme - Ah, yeah.  So, we'll just have to see about that Saturday.
  • Scuffles on the field - I've heard snippets of guys getting on each other.  It does seem like they are ready to play someone else.
  • The freshmen pushing other guys for playing time - Hello Malcolm Mitchell, Amarlo Herrera, Damian Swann, Ray Drew, and Ramik Wilson.  Fortunately, we haven't had to see how much freshmen are ready to play on the line, but it David Andrews will get some reps Saturday.
  • Grantham quotes - Well, the back and forth over the bowl game was interesting.  Really, it was just a lot of forth.
  • Richt keeping it real - No pool.  Check.  Going to the Dome for practice. Check.  Calling guys out. Check.
  • No quotes from Walsh about kickoff schemes - I am still so negatively conditioned, until I see a ball bouncing around at the bottom of the goal post in the Dome, I am worried about it.
It's game week, y'all.  Time to get real.



citizencrane said...

You spelled review wrong... you can delete this post after you fix the spelling :)

Tyler Dawgden said...

Thanks for helping me out. Long weekend....

ColumbiaDawg said...

Three days left to go, and not a single Fulmer Cup point.

And all hail the new champs, the Auburn Tigers. They won the BCS title in 2010, and they're going to win the 2011 Fulmer Cup in record setting fashion.

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