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August 27, 2011

Playing in the Dome?

The atmosphere in the Dome will be very important to Georgia.  The program has been beat up, rightfully so, for eight months over the debacle against Central Florida and all of the non-sense from last season.  It will be very important for the 65K+ Georgia fans in the Dome to bring the pain.

Yes, Boise State has played in big stadiums.  Yes, they have played on big stages.  The only common denominator between the 2005 game and this game is the crowd.  Those dudes rolled into Athens shell shocked, and the Broncos were down by 17 before they realized what had happened. I think it'll be a madhouse in there. Loud as hell.  We have to make sure it is and keep that up, especially if the Dawgs get down early.

Mental status of this Georgia team appears very strong. It is on the fans to make sure they know we have their back.  I'll stay off a rant about booing, but suffice it to say we should leave the bad taste in our mouth over last year in last year, especially during this game.     

I've been at FedEx Field, where Boise State beat Virginia Tech last season, for a Redskins playoff game. Now, Redskin fans can be loud, however, it wasn't nearly as loud as the Georgia Dome is with Georgia people in it.  The crowd can be the 12th man for Georgia, as Boise State will have 15 or so thousand fans there. It is up to us to show the Bulldogs that their work is recognized by us.

If we expect demand the team that is wearing the Red and Black to show up, play a whole game and leave it  on the field for four quarters, they should get the same effort from us. 



Anonymous said...

TD, you hit the nail on the head. We need to blow the roof off the Dome early and often. If you look at our 2 big wins in the Dome, there's 1 common thread. We made a big play early (sack of Jamarcus Russell with a big TD pass on the first series in the LSU game and the blocked punt on Arkansas' first series) and never looked back. I remember Terrence Edwards said he thought a bomb went off after the blocked punt it was so loud. Let's GATA, Bulldog Nation!

Dawgfan Will said...

Amen, brother. I wish I could be there, 'cause fans that don't bring it when they are lucky enough to be at the game should get bitch-slapped for complaining about a loss.

Skeptic Dawg said...

While well intended, and nicely timed, you appear to be missing the mindset of the Dawg Nation. If, IF, the Dawgs get down early, you can expect booes to rain down from the rafters of the Dome. The fanbase is on the verge of imploding. Will I boo? No, the kids do not deserve that. A poor showing to open this game will result in the sky falling. I do not expect the Dawgs to win, but I do expect good effort. Anything short of that is unaccetable. On second thought, you may may have your finger on the pulse of the Dawg Nation. Just do not hold yor breath on the booing.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Dawg fans have "brought it" far too many times without "it" being returned by the team.

I'll be there next week yelling my a$$ off, but all I ask is that the team return my investment by playing as hard as they can. It seems that's happened less and less over the last few years.

Dawgfan Will said...

Anon @ 10:16

As someone who only rarely can afford to go to a game, I have no use whatsoever for booing at an amateur sporting event.

matt b said...

Every team is different, and this one deserves our full support. Come loud and stay loud, or don't come at all.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm....where did I say anything about booing?

GLT said...

After sitting through that game in Memphis, I'll believe it when I see it. It being a coaching staff and team that acts like they care about winning.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the players deserve to be booed but I definitely think the coaches sometimes deserve it. And the referees usually deserve it.

Instead of assuming that you know who the booing is directed at, think a little harder about what the booing might be about.

Anonymous said...

Dawgfan Will,

What does not being able to afford the games have to do with not liking booing?

Looking forward to the explanation.

Paul Westerdawg said...

i have a length of rope and a little red wagon to ensure TylerDawgden makes it to the game on time.

castleberry said...

You're right, but I'm already expecting I'll be told to sit down several times during the game. My experience with a lot of our fans is soft, old, and weak. Hopefully I'm near you.

Anonymous said...

I'll be on the first row behind our bench and I'm 55 and I won't be sitting down.........I don't give a damn what that 24 yearl old whiner behind me says.......Go Dawgs...GATA........remember red on a helmet sure looks like Erk's forehead......players >>> earn that bloodt look.....let's go..Mash the Potatoes and send them back to harvest!!!

Dawgfan Will said...


I guess I was lumping your comment in with Skeptic Dawg's. Sorry about that. I didn't intend to sound like I was calling you out or anything; I was just trying to respond to what you said.

That said, I am *damned* lucky if I get to go to one game a season, and it almost always is a cupcake game that means little overall to the season. A couple of games I have been to have featured the boo-birds, however, mostly for refs, sometimes for coaches, and sometimes (shamefully) for players.

When I do get to go to games, I make a LOT of noise; sometimes I embarrass my wife and in-laws when they go with me. But when I go, I want to make sure that the team knows that I support them. I can't stand the "cheese and wine" crowd (as others call them) at Sanford because they don't seem to want to cheer for the team, and if you aren't going to scream yourself hoarse, why are you even there? Hell, I've actually gotten nasty looks for cheering loudly, and that's without using any of the profanity that I hear other (usually younger) fans use. And I've been to some games that were real stinkers in which the team struggled or seemed to be sleepwalking through a half, but it never occurred once to me to sit on my hands or otherwise act in any way besides loudly supportive of the team.

I don't know why other people do otherwise, but when I am lucky enough to get tickets to Sanford, I show my appreciation for that rare opportunity by supporting the team. Any griping I want to do can be done on the internet later. ;-)

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