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August 26, 2011

Following the Money

Do the guys online know more than us?  Check out Bodog's odds on who will win the SEC (h/t @CFTalk):

Bama: 9/5
UF: 9/2
UGA: 5/1
LSU: 5/1
SC: 6/1
Arky: 13/1

Everyone else is at least 18/1.  Bama is a prohibitive favorite to win the West at 10/11.  LSU checks in at 5/2 and Arky at 6/1.  In the East, Florida is a slight favorite over South Carolina at 9/5 to SCs 19/10.  Georgia is right behind them at 2/1.  No other East team is better than 15/2.

More interesting are the player props.  The bettors have Murray and John Brantley both pegged at 60/1 to win the Heisman, but Brantley is fairly far ahead of Aaron when you lay money on most passing yards in the conference.

Fairly fascinating stuff.  I don't regularly bet on football, so understand that this information may seem normal or not fascinating to you if you do.  


Xon said...

"Props" bets are bad ways to try to get rich. Mostly the masses going with memes, and not played much by the sharps. So I hear, as a non-bettor myself.

People think Charlie Weis is going to make Florida an awesome offense, and they also think they're really clever for knowing this b/c Florida is under the radar this year, and so people are betting on Brantley. That's my guess.

Those odds on winning the conference are so close that it's hard to read much into it, but again I'll bet there's a lot of people out there who think that Florida has to be good because they're "always" good, which gives them the edge.

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