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August 29, 2011

Satire? NY Post Picks Gamecocks to Win it All

The NY Post is well know for their news, sports, politics and financial news coverage.  And their tabloid style and approach.

Either this is the most fascinating and subtle piece of humor I have ever seen or...yeah, it must be that.  His entire analysis of why South Carolina will win the National Championship is Steve Spurrier is the coach and he now has exactly the same athletes he had last year. Oh, and South Carolina is the 11th most profitable football program in the country.  Seriously. 

By the way, 11th in the country puts them 4th in the division and 7th in the conference.


(h/t Matt Hinton @DrSaturday)


Bernie said...

But Tyler, he leads off with a quote from an actual analyst. Lou Holtz hasn't seen a Gamecock team in years he couldn't spit on with an honest, biased, rambling and incomprehensible opinion.

Dawgnoxious said...

The worst thing than can happen to South Carolina is for anyone outside the program to have expectations. Whatever expectations are, SCar will find a way to not meet them. See, e.g., 2010 Kentucky game.

Ally Garner said...

Loosely editing the words of William Price Fox: The average New York yankee knows about as much about football as a hog knows about the Lord's plan of salvation.

But thanks New York Post for the giggles.

Skeptic Dawg said...

I am not sure why everyone is so quick to downplay the Cocks. I do not expect them to be the next SEC team to win a national title. However, I do expect them to win the East. And so should everyone else. They return their leading WR, their leading RB and their QB on offense. Yes, Garcia is a headcase, but he showed the world what he is capable of against 'Bama last year. They return 6 on D including their leaders in sacks, TFL and INT's. This NY Post article may be a joke, but as Dawg fans we should not mistake the Cocks as a joke.

Tyler Dawgden said...


I guess for the reasons you hit on. Garcia is a head case. For every game they played well last year, they played poorly (think Georgia, Kentucky, Arkansas, SECCG, FSU, and you could throw the Tennessee game in there, to be honest). They have less depth on the offensive line than we do. They have serious DB issues. I grant they weapons in Lattimore and Jeffrey, but Lattimore isn't sneaking up on anyone this year.

I don't mistake them for a joke, but I also don't think they are any better than Georgia across the board. I certainly don't see them as put out the fire favorites to win the East...much less the national title.

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what I think in about 13 days.

Skeptic Dawg said...

TD...I disagree. SC is heads and shoulders better the our beloved Dawgs. The Dawgs have zero proven RB, WR, O-line on the offensive side of the ball. As for the D, who knows what we will get from the D-line, DB's or LB's. There are far too many questions to be unanswered AT THIS point to think UGA is a better team than USC. The Dawgs may prove me wrong (Lord knows I hope they do), but I would put my money on Spurrier and the Cocks over Richt and the Dawgs. Oh yeah, they are the defending East champs. Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

If you assume the player talent is equal overall, then Spurrier vs. Richt isn't even a contest. Spurrier is a far better coach than CMR(especially since CMR still has CMB calling the plays). I hate to say it, but the Dawgs will have a tough time (tougher than usual) with the Chickin's.

Xon said...

Doesn't matter why I know this, but the NY Post picked Georgia Tech to win the MNC in 2001.

Dawgfan Will said...

Jonathan Swift says this prediction makes eating babies look rational.

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