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August 29, 2011

Following Georgia Football: Local TV Programming

Here is a list of the programing from

 "Inside Georgia Football with Mark Richt, presented by BB&T"
CSS 10:30am Sundays
WSB-TB Atlanta  12am Sunday Nights
WPGA Macon  12pm Sundays
WALB Albany 12pm Sundays
Cox Sports TV New Orleans- 3:30 (Central) Wednesdays - Mondays
Comcast On Demand- Available on Tuesdays
WRBL  Columbus  10pm Fridays

"The Road To Atlanta- The 2011 Georgia Bulldogs"
CSS Sunday  8/28 1pm (Check listings for additional airings)
WSB Saturday 9/3 12:30pm
WALB  8/27  7-8pm
WPGA 8/28 11am
Cox Sports TV New Orleans 8/30  11:30 (Eastern)

Football Replays
CSS- 11am Sunday*, 2pm Wednesday
*This immediately follows Coach Richt's Sunday morning show.

"Bulldogs Gameday"
WSB - 10am Saturday Morning

"Dawg Report"
CSS - Monday at 10pm



Anonymous said...

Are you guys doing the Fun Office Pools College Football Pick 'Em again this year? I went to the website but couldn't find the Georgia Sports Blog pool. It's really fun to do this each year, so I was just curious.

Anonymous said...

Also, as a reminder, if you have U-Verse you can go onto their website and pre-schedule the H Walker Special on ESPN next Wed-Night.

ColumbiaDawg said...

In regards to an earlier post about the Pro Combat uniforms, have you seen the price of those gloves? They go for $74.99.

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