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August 2, 2011

Practice Starts This Week

As I parse through the "They are really getting after it" and "This is the best camp we've had in two or three years" quotes, here are some of the non-injury related things I'm looking for through the fall practices:
  • Kwame Gathers pushing John Jenkins for playing time - If this happens, that only means Kwame and Jenkins will get on the field the same time.  A lot.  It also means Kwame's (and by extension the rest of the defense's) Spring wasn't a mirage.
  • Tackling to the ground - I realize there is a balance here, but teams play better after tackling to the ground in practice.  It builds intensity and prepares for game speed.  I hope Coach Richt doesn't lose his nerve.
  • No discussion about blocking schemes in the backfield - I get that the tailback has to be able to block in some formations.  I also am smart enough to know that if you don't have a tailback that can do that consistently, you find plays that enable you to move the ball that are not predicated on the tailback having to block.  Find a hole that the peg fits in instead of complaining that you don't have pegs to fit in your holes.
  • More fullback involvement in the offensive scheme - A natural extension of the preceding point.
  • Scuffles on the field - I'm a bit old school.  Having a kerfuffle or two in camp isn't a bad thing.  Especially if it is the 'get your ass in gear' type of thing.  It also means the coaches are pushing the players and they are ready to hit someone, anyone.
  • The freshmen pushing other guys for playing time - Especially at key positions like offensive line, wide receiver, and inside linebacker. 
  • Grantham quotes - The guy just cracks me up.
  • Richt keeping it real - More being forward about strengths and weaknesses.  Don't give up a practice unless the players are ready for game time. First team practicing against first team. Stuff like that.
  • No quotes from Walsh about kickoff schemes - I think we've covered this.
Plenty of him on both sides of the ball would be nice, too (Image: Hipple)

What are you hoping to see?


Anonymous said...

Skip the damn pool.

Reverend Whitewall said...

Players (Murray, B. Jones, Robinson, etc) continuing to emerge as vocal leaders.

I would also really like to see the following quote"It has been determined that Jarvis Jones will not miss any games due to eligibility". :)

j.leonardjr said...

I want to read a story of how the team is loaded up on buses to hit the practice field only to be diverted to the swimming facility. The players joyfully proceed inside expecting to see Richt do his yearly back dive only to find Evil Richt atop the high platform in a butcher's coat holding a running chainsaw standing next to a horse. Richt then grins, proceeds to cut the head off said horse and throw it off the high dive into the pool turning red. This leads to the best full contact practice of camp setting the tone for the impending season.

That and no major injuries.


Tony Waller said...


I'd love to see Evil Richt, although I picture him as more a fire and brimstone preacher dressed in all black than Jackie Sherrill.

But we all have our dreams, right?

Ray Dixon said...

No practices off at all. If you go 6-7, you don't deserve a practice off. For the season opener and all SEC games, no directional kicks until we prove we can hold non conference foes to the 20. And another vote for Jarvis being eligible.

Anonymous said...

Point of clarification - have pool days in the past counted against the overall cap on practices? Everyone is acting as though they did, but I haven't seen that confirmed. I really don't care if they go to the pool, the movies, a brewery, or a brothel as long as it doesn't count against the 29 or whatever practices we are allowed.

Tony Waller said...

Anon 1:56,

The short answer is yes. Coaches are present and it happens during one of the allotted practice times during the allotted 40 units in preseason practice.

I realize this isn't a perfect answer according to the NCAA by-laws, but I think it is counted as one of the practice units (and usually has usurped one of those practices).

Hunkering Hank said...

If I hear that a tailback can't play because he can't learn the blocking scheme one more time I'm going to totally lose it.

Square pegs in round hole - doh! Funny I didn't hear that being an issue at Cackalacka last season.

Unknown said...

Tyler likes to see scuffles in all sports at all levels.

Particularly softball games.

Tony Waller said...


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