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August 2, 2011

Garcia Reinstated

With the news that Stephen Garcia has been given his fifth last chance fully reinstated, does anyone in the forest care anymore?

More importantly, what time does the partay at Magnus' house start?



Anonymous said...

Ray Charles coulda seen this one coming.

Dawg19 said...

This came with the threat that if he screwed up again, he would definitely be suspended for the 2012 season...

Trevor said...

The partay starts around 6pm on Sept.10 when the COCKS take over Sanford and kick the DAWGS tail, AGAIN. As for Garcia, watch him closely. After Moore runs your Dbacks ragged the week before, Stephen will simply have to do mop-up duty to secure this game. Lattimore will take care of the rest. Where does this leave Richt and crew after an 0 and 2 start? On the HOT SEAT I would imagine.GO COCKS

CLT Dawg said...

well you sure told us, Trevor. Now get off your mom's computer.

trevor said...

Mommy told me you guys would be offended. Ooops..... It is past my bedtime, but just one last note.....FIRE BOBO !!!! He is a CLASSIC KLINGON. UGA runs THE MOST predictable offense in the nation....and YOU KNOW IT.

Booger Presley said...

I'm sure Spurrier will have the Cocks ready to play. Can't do anything about the number of chances he gives them. I like our qb better.

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