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August 4, 2011

Hoops Schedule Update

ESPN today announced the semi-final pairings for the CBE Classic. Georgia will face California and Missouri will face Notre Dame in Kansas City on Nov. 21st. Win or lose, the Dawgs will play on Nov. 22nd in either the championship or consolation game.

Cal finished the season with an RPI of 76. It's a good neutral site match-up...especially compared to facing Missouri in a near home game. As we've said before, the UGA basketball schedule is much more ambitious than our talent level would suggest we can handle without Travis and Trey. At least, we'll be battle tested by the time the SEC schedule rolls around.

UPDATE: Rumblings on the scheduled game time for Xavier are Nov. 25. If that's true, we're looking at a stretch of games that includes (via MemphisDog):

Date Team
11/21 California (in Kansas City)
11/22 Missouri or ND (in Kansas City)
@ Xavier (rumored date)
11/28 at Colorado
12/2 vs. Cincinnati
12/6 vs. Georgia Tech
12/17 at USC

There's a blackout period of sorts from around Dec. 8-13th for final exams, and we already have smaller games booked post-Christmas. If that's when they plug the Xavier game into the schedule...

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Anonymous said...

Remember that we played the Xavier game as a mid week February game this year. I'd hate it if we're on the road with 4 games in KC, Cincinnati, and Boulder in the course of a week.

Anonymous said...

Xavier message board had the game for Nov 25 or 26, I believe the 25th is the best guess, Xavier already has games on Dec. 31st and Feb. 4th (memphis OOC). I doubt we would play them during the conference schedule this time around.

todd said...

I like challenging our basketball team. But I do think we've overscheduled this year. The only thing I can think of is that Mark Fox is a "go big or go home" type of guy. He knows that a 20 win basketball season in Athens isn't really going to turn us into a culture that treats basketball better than it does. It's going to take a lot of big wins to do that. Perhaps he's prepared to roll the dice and risk being fired to achieve this?

I hope he knows what he is doing.

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