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August 9, 2011

Jarvis cleared to play

Good news.  No word on Caldwell-Pope. 

I surmise it to say this guy didn't think Jones would play.  Or that Aaron Murray doesn't have two arms.  Facts, pishh!  This is the Intertubes, baby.

Seriously, good news that he is cleared to play.


PS.  I was so excited that Jarvis was eligible, I missed the last paragraph about the AJC's investigative team getting stymied by UGA.<font face=sarcasm> What are they trying to hide!  We demand to know! There has to be more! Thank God the AJC is here to protect us from obfuscating athletic administrations. Send Mark Winne in now!</font> 

No word on if Tech's NCAA appeal is going anywhere, because, you know, no one is bothering to ask.


Ryan said...

I don't think anyone has mentioned in their corrections that Murray is in fact a red shirt sophomore as in a 3rd year player. He's not the "young quarterback" for the bulldogs.

Tyler Dawgden said...

The Broncos are so OMG!1! good that they don't worry about who they face.

Anonymous said...


Cousin Pat from Georgia said...

The AJC could continue their high level of investigative sports journalism by hiring the Boise State writer to cover the Georgia Tech beat.

Anonymous said...

I saw today that an AJC columnist is complaining about Falcons players having surgeries and the media not finding out about it until after the fact. Seriously? Do these guys do ANY investigative work without it being spoon-fed? Besides reporting on UGA players getting citations for peeing in the bushes, that is.

-- Richt-Flair

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